Spiritual Mediumship – The Esoteric Approach with Guest Daniel Schuster

Episode #94

Show Notes:

In this episode, join us as we explore the transformative journey of Daniel, a spiritual practitioner, medium, and healer. Born in south Germany, Daniel’s quest to uncover the truth of the Soul led him on extensive travels through Europe and the Americas, where he encountered diverse spiritual traditions. From humble beginnings of forgetting his spiritual essence to a profound opening, Daniel shares how British Spiritualism played a pivotal role in clarifying his connection to the Spirit World.


Trained in Spiritual Mediumship in 1992, his ongoing study and life’s challenges have deepened this connection, shaping his unique esoteric teachings. Tune in to discover Daniel’s insights into the needs of our spiritual minds and hearts, offering profound readings and a wealth of wisdom derived from a lifetime of spiritual growth and guidance.



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