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Trailer – Dec. 29, 2021 [Music intro]  Hi there, my name is Lourdes, and I’m launching a brand-new podcast about our personal experiences, being self-employed, entrepreneurship, and bootstrapping it. Occasionally, I invite each of my fabulous guest and pick their minds to share their stories, their favorite moments, and their struggles. In this podcast I also talk about connecting to our soul, our inner selves, as we try to relax in the moment when we are not working in our business and find the time to unwind and chill. I hope you like the show, and thanks for tuning in!

Lourdes McCombs is passionate about teaching others how to take your skills into an online business, create digital strategies, and scale.  She is an Online Business Consultant & Success Coach. If you need to get clarity, visit her business website:   click here for her website at: – Or  schedule a complimentary meeting here.

*****Disclaimer:  All the episodes in this podcast are for information purposes only. The views and expressions from the show and our guests are their own.  8th Level Podcast, its subsidiaries and owner are not liable nor guarantee any business outcomes or your success. Seek optional advice from tax preparers, legal, financial pros at your own discretion. For more information of our terms and disclaimer go here.

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