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“Welcome Natasha, how are you today?”

“Hello, thank you for having me. I feel just great. I feel well rested. I am ready for the day. I love it. I love it. So let me go ahead and start. So let me see. My first question is, is you are a psychic medium? Were you born with those abilities? Or did you develop it later?”

“Interesting. Well, I mean, I discovered my gifts when I was a little girl, I was seven. So for me, it was more like I was discovering what I already had. So I guess you could say I was born with them, but I didn’t become fully aware of it consciously myself until I was seven.”

“Oh, what happened when you were seven? How did you become conscious of it?”

“So I just realized that I was experiencing things that nobody would just openly talked about because I’m like, ‘Hey, are you seeing this?’ And everyone’s like, ‘What are you talking about? Like, are you just imagining things? Go on, go play little girl.’ And I’m just like, ‘Are you, like, I was genuinely in shock. Like, is everyone playing against me? Are they genuinely oblivious?’ So it was just a rabbit hole of like, ‘Hmm, well, what is this? Like, I thought it was just like, I’m what an eclectic pagan witch is?'”

“Yeah, so, well, I am a pagan in terms of like my spirituality. If I was to define it, I would say I’m a pagan, but I, within my spiritual practice, I practice witchcraft. But there’s different, I guess, paths.”

“Yeah, there’s different paths that you could be like different types of witches. And if I was to classify myself, I’m an eclectic witch. So as a pagan, I pretty much and I feel very interconnected with the cycles and connecting with Mother Earth. So I like to celebrate the eight Sabbaths of the Wheel of the Year.”

“I also, as an eclectic witch, the way I go about my witchcraft practice is that I do not practice in one specific way. I basically follow what I feel called or drawn or inspired based on what I feel my spirit or my spirit team is guiding me. And that’s what I do. So it’s a, it’s like a very special mix. It’s not like one specific type of witchcraft. And I am also pagan. And that’s what I am.”

“Yes. That is weird. When I hear the word witch or witchcraft, it’s scary, right? I think most people do not understand that there’s different types of witches. You know, all I remember was just, you know, the Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Wicked Witch of the West. And we have Glenda of the North. That’s all I know about. And so how is this different than like having, with people go to you for witchcraft reasons rather than a psychic medium reason?”

“So I do not perform any, I would say, spellwork for people. I would say the closest thing I would do to any type of like witchcraft practices would maybe be my house cleansing and blessings. That’s something I do where I basically will travel to my clients’ property or their home or office, whatever. And I’ll basically go there to perform a ritualistic cleansing and blessing on that space. But that’s the only thing I would say I offer within that type of thing because I like to have my practice for myself. I don’t want to attach my names or my energy to other people’s intents.”

“You know, like there’s different factors that go into that. So I just don’t feel comfortable doing that type of work professionally in that way.”

“Okay. So do you offer healings in all your readings or is that something specific that people have to ask for?”

“Definitely something specific because that’s more of the Reiki healing. I’m a certified Reiki practitioner. So when people come to me for that type of work, they’re usually wanting me to go in and do like some type of like aura cleansing or chakra alignment or cord cutting, things of that nature to get their specific personal energies clear and you know.”

“Yeah, clear and aligned, I would say.”

“Okay. Now that you mentioned cord cutting, I know what it is, but most people will not know what that is. Can you explain to us what cord cutting means?”

“Yeah. So I would say to make it simple that cord cutting is when you are detaching from a toxic attachment, which could be, you know, a habit, a mindset, a situation, a relationship. So there’s different things you could detach yourself from. But cord cutting is basically you detaching this from yourself. And it’s not something you want to feed into or continue the cycle. You’re like, ‘I’m done with this situation or this person, this thing. I’m not feeding into that. I’m not looking back at it. And I’m going to close this cycle out and move forward.'”

“Really interesting. And then you also mentioned aura cleansing. What is that?”

“So aura cleansing is basically where you are purifying your own personal energy, your aura. Everyone has their own personal aura attached to their physical body. So when you’re aura cleansing, you’re cleansing that bioelectric field around your body.”

“Interesting. So when people die, do they not have any more auras?”

“Interesting. I feel that I mean, I feel like we do because I feel like an aura is just more so of like an energy like maybe like even an energy signature because I feel that even after we have lost our physical bodies, I personally do still see auras around other spirits. So I believe that to be true within my work.”

“Oh, that is that is interesting. Huh? And then are there, you said that we’re born with aura signatures? Is it a specific color that they’re born with or is it a bunch of color colors?”

“So, yeah, everyone definitely has their own energy signature. Everyone has their own aura. I think of their energy signature like their energetic thumbprint. It’s like your soul frequency, I would say. It’s like the way I would say that it’s like your actual core essence. But I feel like your aura, you know, it can be influenced by outside factors. So, you know, you simply walking into Walmart, you can pick up on those collective or residual energies and you can be very heavy blocked and weighed down and stagnant that way. And so when you do an aura cleansing, is it just for specific problems that they have or does it affect their whole life or or what?”

“So usually when someone has a very heavy stagnant aura, it usually means there’s other areas within their life that’s also stagnant, especially when it comes to money and like connections and opportunities because those are usually like new energies that are like flowing into your life. But if your aura itself is like heavy and blocked and like stagnant energy cannot easily move through you, you’re going to have a hard time even connecting with that, grasping it or keeping it is from what I see. So I see that aura cleansing can impact someone by they can physically feel like, you know, like they have more energy, they can be more mentally clear, get rid of that brain fog. But of course, it can also impact their daily life as well because they are also connected with their aura.”

“I see. That’s interesting. And so do you see people’s past lives as well?”

“Yes. Yeah, that is something that I have gotten messages for people before. They’re like, ‘Hey, can you see what I used to be?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I do see that. And here’s what I’m seeing.’ So yes, I have experienced that within my work.”

“Is there a certain way you can trace it back? Like is there a lineage that you can trace back on the spiritual side?”

“I’m just basically reading the person’s energy and whatever I’m shown, like it’s not something I can just be like, ‘Hey, I want to see your past life.’ It just comes to me naturally. It’s like a part of the information that comes through when I’m doing my work. But it’s not like a past life regression, like you would experience it in that type of therapeutic setting. It’s more so I’m just seeing it. And if it’s coming through, I’m definitely sharing it with the client.”

“Okay. And then what about future readings? Can you see people’s futures?”

“Yes. So when it comes to future readings, I like to focus more on the most likely path that they’re currently on. And then I can also look into their potential paths that they have available to them. But I do like to also let them know that the future is not set in stone. It’s more so based on the choices that they make. So the choices that they make within the now is going to basically influence where they end up in the future.”

“That makes sense. So it’s more about probabilities and likelihoods rather than definite predictions.”

“Yes, absolutely. Because I feel that, you know, we have free will. So it’s like we can change our minds. We can change our direction. So it’s like, I feel like the universe is just guiding us. It’s not like set in stone.”

“And so you, so does your work focus more on the spiritual realm or does it also touch on the physical and emotional well-being of your clients?”

“Yeah, I would say it definitely is a good mix of all of that. I feel like, you know, everything is interconnected. So it’s not like you can just say, ‘Oh, I’m going to focus on your spiritual side and neglect everything else.’ Because if you’re like lacking in one area, it’s going to affect the rest of you. It’s like a domino effect. So I do like to focus on the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual all together because they all play a role in our well-being.”

“That makes sense. And so when people come to you, what are the common reasons that they seek your services? Is it like relationship issues or career or health or everything?”

“Yeah, I would say it’s a mix of everything. Like I get so many people for so many different reasons. I feel like the most common one would be just general guidance, whether that be for their career, their personal life, their relationships, or even their spiritual path. I get a lot of people that are like, ‘Hey, I feel like I’m on this spiritual journey, but I don’t really know what I’m doing. Can you help me out?’ And so I get a lot of that. I also get a lot of people that are looking for mediumship readings because they’ve lost a loved one and they’re looking for some type of closure or healing in that area. So that’s also a very common reason that people come to me.”

“That makes sense. And with the mediumship readings, do you find that it brings a lot of comfort to people who are grieving?”

“Oh, absolutely. Like I cannot even put into words how healing and comforting those readings are for people because I feel like the messages that come through, they’re so specific. It’s like they’re providing evidence for the person that I’m communicating with that I could not possibly know because it’s something personal to them. It’s like a personal joke or it’s a specific memory or it’s something that they shared with that person. So it’s like, it’s just so beautiful because it’s like, it’s evidence that there is an afterlife and that their loved ones are still with them and that they’re still aware of what’s going on in their lives. And it’s just so beautiful. Like I cannot even put it into words how beautiful those readings are.”

“I can imagine it must be very powerful for the people receiving those messages. And speaking of the afterlife, do you have a particular belief or understanding of what happens after we die?”

“Yes, I do. So based on my personal experiences and the messages that I’ve received within my work, I do believe in an afterlife. I feel that our consciousness or our soul, whatever you want to call it, it survives physical death. I feel like our loved ones that have passed on, they are still aware of what’s going on in our lives. They’re still with us. They’re still supporting us. They’re still sending us signs and messages. And I feel like there’s a higher level of consciousness or a higher plane of existence that we go to. And I feel like it’s a place of love and healing and growth. And I also feel that we have spirit guides and angels that are there to support us on our journey. And they help us navigate through our life path and fulfill our soul contracts and our purpose here on Earth. And so that’s my personal belief based on my experiences.”

“That’s a beautiful perspective. And I think it brings a lot of comfort to people to think that there is something beyond this physical existence and that our loved ones continue to be with us in some form. And you mentioned spirit guides. Can you tell us a little more about what you understand about spirit guides and how they interact with us?”

“Yeah, absolutely. So I feel that we all have spirit guides, whether we’re consciously aware of them or not. And I feel like spirit guides are basically these higher dimensional beings or entities that have agreed to guide and support us throughout our earthly journey. And I feel like we make agreements with them before we incarnate. So before we come into this life, we kind of have like a plan or like a blueprint of what we want to accomplish or experience or learn in this lifetime. And our spirit guides are there to help guide us through that and help us stay on track and fulfill those contracts or those agreements that we’ve made before we incarnate.”

“So I feel like they can communicate with us in various ways. It could be through signs, symbols, synchronicities. It could be through intuitive nudges or gut feelings. It could also be through dreams or even through other people. Like sometimes they can send messages through other people or even through animals. Like animals can be messengers as well. So I feel like they communicate with us in whatever way is most appropriate and aligned with our own unique energy and our own unique way of perceiving things.”

“That’s fascinating. And do you have a specific way that you connect with your spirit guides or is it something that happens naturally for you?”

“I would say it’s something that happens naturally, but I do have a spiritual practice where I do meditation and I also do like to connect with my guides through meditation. And I also just pay attention…



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