When to Hire Personal Coach and Working on Yourself

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Do you get stuck with what decisions to make? Or struggle with conflict with emotions? Find how how a personal coach can help you move forward, see different perspectives and experience breakthroughs.



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The 8th Level Podcast is about being self-employed, entrepreneurship, and managing our online business. It’s also about connecting to our souls, having the right mindset, and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this show. Thank you for listening to this episode today!

Today, I’m gonna talk about when to hire a personal coach and working on yourself. Now, some of you know that I am a trained and certified life coach. Some people may call themselves personal development coach, self-improvement coach, life coach, or I call myself, personal coach. And today, I will talk about what a personal coach does, when to hire one, and what a co-creative relationship means.

So, what is a personal coach or life coach?


Let me explain it this way. Let’s say you’re trying to get fit, lose weight, get toned, you probably would be looking to hire a personal trainer. So hiring a personal trainer to help you physically get fit, and what the personal trainer will show you is how to properly warm up and cool down, probably how to use dumbbells or lift weights, watching your form, and that way you can avoid getting injuries. And when you’re not working with a personal trainer, you probably would go to the gym on your own, and you have that knowledge of proper form, when to warm up, when to cool down, and that is a good take away when you hire a personal trainer.

Here’s another example, what if you hurt your back, pulled a muscle, got hurt at work, and you needed to get physical therapy? So naturally, you would look for a physical therapist, you would hire, and if you’ve ever used a physical therapist like I have at many different times in my life, majority of them will have 1-2 visits per week.

And in those visits, the physical therapist will show you how to do strengthening exercises for that part of your injury. Well they do also some type of maybe massage therapy or some kind of therapy to help you get healed, but in the meantime, they show you how to use that same muscle to strengthen it, and then they give you homework in between your physical therapy sessions and you have to do the work at home.

So for example, one time I hurt my shoulders, I think I was lifting 30lb dumbbells, overhead dumbbells, which I’m never gonna do again. I hurt my shoulders really bad. And so, after seeing a physical therapist, I went home, she gave me these green bands, yellow bands, some of you may know what I’m talking about.

 I had to tie it to a doorknob or the end of a banister on my staircase, and then I would bend my arm at 90 degree angle, hold on to the band, and pull on those bands a certain way. Those were the exercises that I had to do from home in between my sessions.

Okay, and then the last example I’m gonna talk about is an athlete hiring a performance coach. So this coach would help them work on their jump shots, for example, if they’re a basketball player, or practice their golf swings. Or sometimes they get help with hitting the ball with a baseball bat in a batting cage. And so, those types of coaches will help the athlete develop to have their peak performance so that they are great athletes like Michael Jordan or even Phil Mickelson.

‘Cause we all know these athletes, they are on a football team, baseball team, but some of these guys, if not most of these guys will hire a personal performance coach to help them peak and become very strong and have the right mindset so that they can be the top athlete in the world.

And I mentioned these three examples, because it’s kinda the same thing for a life coach or if you wanna hire a personal coach. And so just like the three examples I gave you guys, when you hire a personal or life coach, it’s not forever. Just like a performance athlete coach is not forever, or when you go to physical therapy, usually they are not forever. However, the relationships that they all have with what I’m gonna talk about with personal life coaching is when you hire a personal coach, you might wanna hire them because you’re feeling stuck or you lack confidence or something weird that comes up like your inner child.

Do you know what that is? That is when all of a sudden, as you get older, your past comes up and sometimes some of the issues that come up from your past can be traumatic. It can be a childhood trauma, or a mental abuse trauma, and for some odd reason like I said, it comes up as you get older. So you might want to seek a personal coach dealing with that issue. Or you might be going through a relationship problem. Perhaps you just got separated or got divorced and you need someone to talk to and work things through about it.

That’s when you would hire a personal coach. Another example is if you’re going through a conflict, either at work, with your spouse or partner, or with a family member. Sometimes these issues come up and you get stuck and not know what to do. Sometimes the help of a personal coachcan help you see a different perspective and work through some of these issues. These are just a small example of when to hire a personal coach. If you feel stuck at any point in your life, go ahead, give personal life coaching a try!

Okay, now that I explained what I personal coach does, the other thing I wanna mention is when you are hiring a personal coach, please be ready and expect to do some work by yourself. When you hire a personal coach, you enter into a co-creative relationship, and you and the coach work together, you’re both kinda equal.

And in this co-creative relationship, since you’re both equal, the coach will ask you powreful questions that are designed to help you think of different ways, think and look at different perspectives, and perhaps come up with the solution to the problem. Another part might be a coach will give you worksheets and handouts.

And those handouts and worksheets you might need to fill out, as well as be ready to use journaling and use writing things down. Sometimes you may experience some emotional setback or issues or pain or crying, and that’s okay. It’s alright, that’s part of the healing. And just know that whenever you go into a co-creative relationship with your personal coach, that everything is confidential.

Okay, so I hope that this explained a little bit of what a personal coach can do, as well as what a co-creative relationship is, as well as working on yourself. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at my website, which I will be linking below.

And join me next week when I talk about what is expected of a freelancer when they are working remotely. And now, a quick word from our sponsor.

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