3 Tips to Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want

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This podcast is about entrepreneurship, spirituality, and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this show. Thank you for listening today!

Okay, today I’m gonna talk about the law of attraction and three easy ways to use the law of attraction to get what you want.

So, have you ever seen the movie The Secret or even read the book The Secret? The author’s name is Rhonda Byrne for the book The Secret. The book as well as the movie is based about your mindset, how you think, and the law of attraction.

So what is the law of attraction? Well, the law of attraction was based on the new thought which is a spiritual belief from the teachings of Phineas Quimby, and I hope I’m saying that right. The belief is that your thoughts can affect your outcome. So for example, if your thoughts are negative, then you attract negative energy to you. Just the same as if your thoughts are positive, then good positive energy flows your way. The thing is, the universe does not know the difference between positive and negative thoughts, so it only knows the thoughts.

And the idea of using the law of attraction is to effect change. But feelings must also accompany it too, along with creative visualization. So apparently, if you combine the feelings and the visualization along with having positive thoughts, it attracts energetic universal energy.

And there are some techniques that you can use to make the law of attraction work for you so that you can get what you want out of life. Here are some tips to start.

So tip #1 is to learn how to meditate and use creative visualization. So first and foremost, if you’re interested in utilizing the law of attraction to its fullest potential, make sure you begin each day with meditation. Meditation is important, as it brings your focus towards what you desire and what you expect for that day. Creative visualization is a powerful tool in creating the feelings behind the desire. It is not just enough to meditate on something you wish to attract into your life, visualization brings it to life.

I also realize that there are some people who cannot visualize. So part of the visualization may be to feel the feelings, like how would you feel when you receive a reward or get the love that you desire? How does that feel in your heart? Have more joy and happiness and increase your financial status. Do you know how that’d make you feel? I would imagine you would feel some joy and happiness, and that would be entering into your life. So that’s how we talk about visualization and emotion triggers.

The next one is to learn the art of being grateful. So, to me gratefulness means that you truly understand how much you already have without asking for more. When you’re in a state of gratitude, many more things to be grateful for will come our way. I mean, stand up and look around you. There’s so much to be grateful for! When you start to understand the simple blessings that you have each day, such as looking at butterflies or flowers that envelope your life, you will feel more joy. Once you feel more joy, you will manifest more joyful events in your life.

And lastly, write your thoughts in affirmation. So to get the most out of the law of attraction, you must always be consciously controlling your own thoughts daily. It helps you to see the reminders on paper or in your journal, and when you write down a negative thought or feeling you can see it and replace it with something positive or with a positive affirmation. And it helps, because sometimes you have to control your thoughts on a moment by moment basis, and it makes you aware of your thoughts throughout the day. For example, if you think that you have lack of money, replace it with a positive affirmation such as “income comes from everywhere” or “I am living in abundance daily.” Or if you’re experiencing a health challenge, maybe try to get motivated to get back into the gym and workout. The affirmation you might want to say to yourself or write down is “I’m getting healthy every day and achieving my health goals.”

Create positive thoughts, write down positive affirmations, replace negative feelings with positive thoughts and positive affirmations, and you’ll start feeling better and create a better life.

And if you need help with any of this or have any questions about how you can train your mind to train to think more positively, send me an email at hi@8thlevelpodcast.com, thanks!

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