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As some of you know, I have been on a hunt for a co-host to join me on my show, to talk about all things mediumship, psychic, spirituality, paranormal and more.  The journey of spirituality and all the experiences I’ve had I would love to talk to with a co-host.

So, I think I might have found a wonderful person to give it a try. So, stay tuned! I’m so excited to introduce her!



About the Host

Hi, I’m your host, Lourdes, and I help individuals connect within to find solace. With over 25 years of spiritual practice and background, I combine my life-long experiences, intuitive abilities while using a variety of metaphysical methods and energy that illuminates your  soul’s journey with a clear path to love and peace. I’m also self-employed, bootstrapping business owner, website designer and creator.


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