Accelerated Healing Technique That Releases Emotional issues

Accelerated Healing Technique That Releases Emotional issues

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Renu Arora tells us about an alternative healing technique she discovered and created  while trying to heal herself from food allergies.  She realized that most food allergies, not all, was related to past memories and when confronting those memories, it can actually help with lessening the effects of the food allergy.  This technique is not limited to food allergies but also relates to other parts of our lives emotionally and physically.


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The 8th Level Podcast is about being self-employed, entrepreneurship, and managing our online business. It’s also about connecting to our souls, having the right mindset, and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this show. Thank you for listening to this episode today!

Hi, I’m grateful that you joined us today. And today, we have Renu. Renu is an energy healer, author, and the creator of powerful healing modality called the Accelerated Release Technique, or ART for short. Before entering the world of energy healing, Renu was a complete skeptic. She has a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and had had a career as a registered dietitian. And as a result, needed proof that energy healing worked before she was willing to believe it. Little by little, she got lots of proof, and so slowly, methodically, and scientifically, ART was developed.

Lourdes: And it gives me so much pleasure to have you today as my guest Renu! Welcome, and how are you?

Renu: Thank you so much for having me, I am fantastic and I’m super excited to chat with you today!

Lourdes: Great, me too! So let me start off with this first question. Now, your background is in biochemistry, and you had a career as a registered dietitian for more than a decade. What happened that you pivoted your career into energy work?

Renu: Oh, that is kind of like the longish story, but I’m gonna try and make it as short as possible cause you don’t wanna be here all day. So, there was an intermediate step between dietitian and full-on energy healer. It’s something I encountered, it was called BIE, Bio-energetic Intolerance Elimination. And basically, I became a BIE Practitioner because I encountered this modality, we’ll put it that way, and for whatever reason, again, long story, I’m gonna try and keep it real short. I was in the office of a guy who does BIE, and he was telling me all about it and saying how it could be used to eliminate intolerances and allergies and all sorts of stuff like that. And for me, that was kind of incredible, as in there’s no way I could believe that craziness. But he wanted to tell me about it, he wanted to show me how this thing worked, and I’m like, “phhh” I’m willing to give anybody a try.” So I told him I have an intolerance to soy. And he said, “that’s fantastic!” Like, ok, “fantastic.”

For me it wasn’t so fantastic. When I would have soy, I would get really gassy and bloated and in a lot of digestive pain, usually the next day, it wouldn’t be immediate. So, he pulls out this vial of soy, and he places it on this machine. And then, it’s like this machine read the frequency of soy, like it was all about frequencies and energies and how your body responds to the energy of the food as opposed to the actual food itself. All really kinda crazy stuff in my head, but okay. So, he put it on this machine, then he ran those frequencies through my body. Like he took this little probe, and he touched various acupressure points on the body, like ten seconds here, ten seconds there. And after about 10 minutes he was done. And he says “Okay, you’re good to go now.” I’m like, you’re telling me I can eat soy now? He says “yup!” Like, “yeah, okay.”

But again, I’m like okay I gotta, I’m a scientist, I have to try it out, I can’t just ignore this. So, I went home, and I had a rather large quantity of soy. Cause I’m like, well if I’m gonna test it I gotta know for real whether this works or not. And I had this quantity of soy, and I waited for a reaction. Like I said, the reaction typically happened the next day. So the next day, I was anticipating a really severe reaction because of the quantity of soy. Like, I should’ve had so much gas and bloating pain that I pretty much should’ve been incapacitated in the morning. Instead, I felt nothing. I felt absolutely nothing, not a bubble. Nothing! And I was just floored, absolutely floored. And I was like no, I’m sure it’s just delayed, it’s gotta be delayed. So I waited. And I waited and I waited, and nothing. 24 hours later I was convinced this stuff works. And so, I called this man up, I’m like I have to learn how to do this. Because I was a registered dietitian right. Like, I spend all day teaching people how to not eat soy. Like here are the foods that, these are the ways you can avoid soy, or avoid gluten, or avoid dairy. Or on the flip side, if you have a problem with iron, like you’re not absorbing enough iron in your body, here are ways to enhance the iron that you get out of your foods. What I’ve discovered is all of those are intolerances. All of those are your body not recognizing those substances. And I could just fix it! I’m like, I can actually have people come into my office and fix the problem, as opposed to just here’s how you manage the symptoms?

I was sold. I’m like I need to learn this now. I need to help my clients really get over their issues. So that’s kinda where it started. And then, long story, very condensed, I uncovered, or it was brought to my attention that really, if you can get to – Like all of these problems that we have are really a result of the emotions underneath it. And if you can get to the emotions, if you can get through the reasons that your subconscious is trying to communicate to you. If you can find out what it’s trying to say, you don’t even need the machine, the problems will clear themselves. And based on that, and a little bit of experimentation and trying it out for myself, I discovered that that’s the real truth.

That with some techniques, that the initial – Initially I was given sort of a step-by-step of here’s how you can clear something. Just with that, I actually found that I could talk people through some issues and it would resolve. And so, once I learned that, there was no stopping me. I had to investigate, I had to learn more, I had to figure out what was the deal with all this weird woo-woo energy stuff which actually kinda works. And then I was off to the races. So at that point, lot of learning, lot of investigation, lot of trial-and-error, and I became an energy healer.

Lourdes: Oh my gosh, that’s crazy! First, you were very daring to leave his office and test it out yourself by eating a lot of soy, my God!
Renu: [Laughter] Yeah, I know! I was, I didn’t believe that it was gonna work, but I really hoped it was gonna work!

Lourdes: So lemme ask you this then. Do you think you were born with these soy intolerance? I mean, when people have these issues like you said, and they have intolerances or food sensitivities or whatever it is, are they born that way and you just go in the emotional side of it?

Renu: No, so here’s the thing. So soy is brilliant. So, he corrected my soy intolerance, which was great! Except it came back about a year and a half later. And by then I had already given up being a BIE practitioner. So I’m like ok, let’s find the emotions. So that was the thing about BIE, is you don’t deal with the emotions, you just kind of force your body – Like, we force this understanding into your body, we kinda create a shift. Which if it doesn’t really – if your subconscious wants to send you a message, that shift will only be temporary. It might be temporary for a month, it might be temporary for a year, it might be temporary for three years, but the problem will eventually come back because your subconscious has a message it wants to relay. So for me, soy came back like I said, about a year and a half later. And so I’m like ok, let’s find out what’s at the root cause of this. So, in my case, it was fascinating, I discovered – Well, I’m a vegetarian.

I wasn’t always a vegetarian, I’d become a vegetarian, well now it’s been a while, but really only a few years previously. And what I found was that my in-law’s family was not vegetarian, in fact they’re like carnivores. Vegetables don’t really hit their plate too much. But my mother-in-law was a doll, like an absolute sweetheart, and she always wanted to take care of me of course. So if I’d go there for dinner, she’d wanna make sure that I was fed, but she was totally out of her depth. She was like “I don’t know what to feed a vegetarian.” And she was completely discombobulated every time, and I realized I felt really guilty. I felt very very guilty about putting her through this. And for me, soy is almost synonymous with vegetarian, especially when you’re teaching to become vegetarian one of the easiest things to do is tell them to use an alternative meat product, which is typically soy. So, in my brain, soy and vegetarian were most certainly linked. So my intolerance to soy was linked to my guilt around being vegetarian. Once I recognized that, and I was actually able to heal the guilt, I have not had a problem with soy since then.

Lourdes: Oh wow, that is so weird!

Renu: Yeah!

Lourdes: It was all because of that guilty feeling? Weird!

Renu: It was all guilt! So, no, you’re not born with anything. Like, yes you can be born with an intolerance, but that doesn’t mean you have to – that doesn’t mean there isn’t actually a root cause that you can find and heal. There could be stuff, and this gets into the idea of past lives and things like that, you can come in with emotional baggage that needs healing. And you’re just healing stuff that you didn’t even realize was there. I’ve seen crazy things! I’ve got another really quick story if I’ve got a moment.

Lourdes: Sure.

Renu: So you were talking about being born with an intolerance. There was one, well actually, a trans woman, it was really fascinating. She from day one, like as long as she could remember, had a severe problem with eggs. And it was so bad, the way she described it, she’s like “I can’t hold a bag of egg fried rice without my hands feeling like they’re burning up.”

Lourdes: Oh man!
Renu: Yeah like, not even hold the bag that’s got some egg inside of it.

Lourdes: Oh that is really severe!

Renu: Oh yeah, really really really severe! And it’s been forever, like as long as she can remember. And so in the work that we did, I found out she had what I call a “karmic belief,” karmic meaning it came from a previous lifetime, regarding this feeling of not being accepted for who she is. And we had to, so that was the belief, that she wasn’t gonna be accepted, and we wanted to shift the belief that said she was trans, to being confident and accepting – Like her belief that she wanted was “I am a woman.” That was like, there was some basically an identity crisis. Because she knew that in some degree, which is why she’s trans, but on the other part, I guess because of all the discrimination and not being accepted, she really wasn’t… She wasn’t 100% in her own power, regarding “I am a woman,” and being able to stand up for herself. So we shift that belief, and then she was able, like a little bit more work, and we corrected her intolerance to the eggs. Now the funny thing, like if you put those two things together, energetically when you think about eggs – Well I’ll ask you the question, where do eggs come from?

Lourdes: Like chicken, right?
Renu: Women.

Lourdes: Ohhh, yes!

Renu: Eggs come from women. So, she knew, before she entered this body in this lifetime, that she had basically a crisis of identity, something to do with women, was gonna be a key problem for her in this lifetime. It showed up as a reaction to eggs. So, wacky stuff, I love it!

Lourdes: That is a very wacky story! And y’know when you were telling me that, I can’t help but think of you going back into karmic sessions with her, going back into her past life, how long does it take you to do that with a person? So let’s say I was your new client and I have similar issues to her, how long would it take, or how many sessions do you think it would take for you to uncover this?

Renu: It kinda depends. Like if she was just coming – Alright, so by the time we got to the egg issue, I think that was probably our third session. So, in three sessions, maybe it was just two, it was either two or it was three, and we’d handled the egg intolerance. In the first two sessions we dealt with other things, like she was having some other emotional issues with anxiety and things like that. So, each session we’re dealing with something different. Usually, a physical symptom takes a little bit longer because there’s a little bit more to healing a physical problem. Not always, but sometimes. So, like chronic pains and allergies and things like that, like gluten, it tends to be a sticky one. Gluten tends to have a lot of emotional stuff underneath it, so there might be a few sessions before you actually get to heal the gluten problem. It honestly differs for everybody. When it’s strictly emotional, we can usually do that much much faster, within a few sessions. It’s physical stuff that takes a bit more.

Lourdes: Oh, that’s pretty cool. Quick question then, when you’re talking about healing, is that the accelerated release technique that you’re talking about that you work with these guys?

Renu: Oh yeah, 100%!
Lourdes: Ok so, can you explain to us what that is?

Renu: I’d love to explain to you what ART is! Basically, it is, like I said, when I started I didn’t know anything, I didn’t come into energy healing with… There was no big aha moment, there was no crisis, there was no life changing, life altering experience, no near death experience, like nothing like that. I just kinda went oh, that’s really interesting! And just followed my curiosity. So the way it developed has been through study, through trial-and-error, and more than that, networking and connecting with other practitioners. So I would watch and learn, and go “Oh, well that’s an interesting thing that you do.

Maybe I can incorporate something from that into what I do.” Because what I do is work with the subconscious. And the fact is, when you’re working with the subconscious it’s all about asking questions. You’re literally asking questions and letting the subconscious, like letting the answers just flow out of the person. Cause the subconscious is constantly prompting us. Like really, 90%, probably more of your actions, your words, your thoughts, is all subconscious. So if you ask a question, the subconscious is gonna pop in an answer, even if consciously you’re like “What, where did that come from?” It’s your subconscious.

The thing about it is, with the subconscious if you ask a better question, you will get a better answer. And so, what I’ve done over time is basically learn – The subconscious is like a computer program. So I’ve been building out the language of the subconscious. Like, what is the exact question that you ask to get this answer? Or to shift this energy, or to find that thing, or whatever it happens to be. And the more I’ve researched and paid attention to other modalities, I mean I’m talking everything.

I have incorporated, oh, there’s Reiki, there’s crystals, there’s something called access bars, there’s timeline therapy, there’s ancient chakra healing. Like, if there’s a modality out there and I’ve heard of it, and there’s somebody who knows a bit about it, I will have done some research or spoken to them or tried to get the understanding of what’s going on, and then said alright, I can shift all of this into a question. And so, I would take what I’ve learned and put it in the form of a question. So ART, I didn’t really explain it very well, I’ve sort of explained all the bits and pieces. But if you were in a session with me, ART kind of looks like two things.

On the one hand, I say it’s like hypnosis but you’re awake for it. Because like I said, the subconscious is constantly talking. You don’t need to be in a trance or anything like that to get answers from your subconscious. So there’s that piece. And then there’s the second part, which I say it’s kind of like consoling, but on speed. So let’s say I was dealing with anxiety or something like that. Like, let’s say you were at an actual counselor or psychotherapist or anything like that. You know how they would have anxiety, they’d probably say “ok well, y’know tell me about yourself, tell me about your past, let’s talk about your childhood.” And eventually they’d tease together a story and figure out “ok well, you see how this anxiety would probably have stemmed here from this experience from when you’re a kid,” or something like that, it takes a little bit of work.

But if you can talk directly to the subconscious, I basically say “Hey subconscious! I see you’ve got some anxiety! You wanna tell me where it began please?” And it says, “Oh, you mean over here when I was 7 years old and this happened?” “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about, thanks!” And then we just go straight to working on the root cause, without all the time spent investigating and searching. So that’s how it’s accelerated.

Lourdes: Got it. And you’d save a lot of people money instead of going to real psychotherapy sometimes, y’know?

Renu: Absolutely! I’ve had clients tell me they’ve gotten more out of one session with me than ten sessions – Sorry, ten years of therapy!

Lourdes: I truly truly believe that! So Renu, how do you qualify a prospect or a client to work with you?

Renu: There’s basically one key thing that my clients need in order to be successful as a subject of ART. Subconscious work, it’s a team effort. I don’t heal my client. All the healing happens through my client. So everything that we do is gonna come through them. So let’s say, to use that example of something that happened with so-and-so was 7. I don’t know what happened when they were 7. Like I’ll tell all my clients, I will be able to connect with your subconscious. That is never gonna be an issue. But at no point in time will I be able to read their minds, because that is not one of my skills. So I can’t read your mind. If I receive something happened when you were 7 and here are some key emotions, you’re the one who has to tell me, “Oh yeah, this is the thing that happened!

And I still feel angry about it, I feel sad about it, or I feel embarrassed,” or whatever it is. And then if they can do that, if they can tune in and connect and be able to tell me how they feel, then my next step is thank you so much! Now I can start shifting that anger, that embarrassment, that sadness, whatever it is. So they tell me what they feel, and then I can connect with that and shift it. And then we go back and say ok, well how does it feel now. And they will tell me, it feels a little lighter, I feel this sensation in this body, or y’know what? That anger’s gone, now I just feel sad.

And then we’ll work on the next thing. So whatever pops in, whatever they come out with, then I know what my next step is. They’re giving me directions on where we’re supposed to go next. So at some point in time, I will ask them “how does that life event feel?” And they will say, “… Huh. I don’t feel anything. It doesn’t even feel like mine anymore. It feels like an old story.” And that’s when we know it’s healed, because there’s no emotional baggage left behind. That story can just fade into the background, just like all the others. Y’know, we have tons and tons of events from our past which don’t phase us. It can go join them.

Lourdes: Yeah, ok. So, again, I thought of another question while you were speaking, and; With this way of healing someone, and it’s attacking their emotional, or confronting the emotional issue, would you say this is more of a permanent solution, rather than the experience you had which was only temporary for a year?

Renu: Oh, yes! Absolutely! Once you get to the root cause, you don’t need to – Your subconscious stops signaling you! So for my soy issue, it said “Renu, you feel really guilty about being vegetarian, knock it off!” So I knocked it off, I said “Alright let’s let go of this guilt.” And since then, and now we’re talking 7 years, I haven’t had any problem with soy.

Lourdes: Wow, oh my God. That’s amazing, that’s amazing. So if somebody had peanut allergies, is that something you can help with, or get to the emotional issue of that?

Renu: Yeah. Yeah, like any allergy. Although, I’ll put it right out there, if you’ve got an anaphylactic allergy, yes we can work on it, but I will not be the one to tell you to go try the food right away.

Lourdes: That’s true.

Renu: Alright, so get a test done, wait until the antibodies clear from your system. So I have actually a kinda funny story from my BIE days. One of the stories that the professor taught us was that he, they work with anaphylactic allergies all the time. So there was one woman who was actually a friend of his who had an allergy to shrimp. So they had whatever number of treatments, and her shrimp allergy was fine. So the two of them are actually out to dinner, and she was having shrimp. And they were talking, and she said “Huh, y’know what? I wonder if I still have all the antibodies to it. Like if my blood is still reacting, if the biochemistry has shifted.” So without missing a beat, she took her fork, scratched her arm, took a piece of shrimp, put it on the scratch, and it went [Inflating Onomatopoeia]. “Yeah ok, I guess I’m still reacting!”

Lourdes: Oh my gosh!

Renu: So the, because the thing about an allergy is, yeah we create all the immunoglobulins, like we have a whole histamine reaction and all that kind of stuff. And that’s how you test for the allergy, you’re not looking – The fact is, you don’t eat through your skin. So, all the stuff that’s in your bloodstream might still react for a little bit of time, even though the digestive system, everything that goes through the digestive system will be fine. So I’m still gonna say don’t y’know, don’t have it, but at the very least wait, even wait 6 months, and then test. Because I, you don’t take chances with your life like that. If this is a thing that could kill you, let’s not risk it.

Lourdes: Yeah, agreed.

Renu: Yes, it is definitely a thing that can be healed, but you’ve gotta be very very very careful. That said, I’ve had a myriad of food intolerances and allergies and all that stuff. I’ve gotten to help people correct all sorts of things.

Lourdes: Wow, ok. So on another question, since you do energy work Renu, and listen to people’s problems, does it drain you? And if it does, how do you de-stress?

Renu: It actually doesn’t drain me, oddly. I find myself, I am… Ok, so there’s two things going on. I am not – I don’t know if you’ve heard the term of an “empath?”

Lourdes: Yes.

Renu: So there’s a lot of people who are very emphatic, and they pick up on other people’s energy, but they feel it themselves. They don’t just sort of go “Hm, I can sense they’re feeling that,” they can walk into a room, like if there’s a room that’s crowded, they’ll start feeling all these crazy emotions going “What? I was fine just a couple minutes ago.” And they don’t realize that there’s the couple over that’s arguing, and they’re picking up somebody’s angry, and somebody’s over there and is really sad, and they’re just suddenly a mishmash of everybody’s emotions. That’s an empath. I am not an empath, not at all. I don’t pick up people’s emotions. I have a very strong, I use the term filter. I’m very well protected from other people’s stuff. So no, I don’t get drained. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite, because typically by the end of the session, they’re in a better state than when they started.

So, they come in and they’re really down, but by the end they’re going “Oh, I feel so much better! I feel like this weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I feel so much lighter!” And so, I’m riding high. By the end of the session, I am just high as a kite from just so happy to see that kind of shift. So I, like I said, I never really picked up people’s stuff, at the end of a session I feel really excited, I feel jazzed, I’m always like, thrilled to do more. So even like, one question people ask like what do you do in your free time? Well, I have so much fun doing this, I will do this, I would do this for free all day long if I didn’t have bills to pay. Like, it is that much fun, it really is! So like, I’ll do this for myself, I love healing myself, healing my friends, my family, and I sort of have to tear myself away from doing it because I think it’s that addictive cause it’s so rewarding, like that dopamine hit. At other points in time, it’s like ok let’s just spend time with my family, let’s read a book, let’s do other stuff. But yeah, I don’t feel the need to de-stress from work.

Lourdes: That’s so nice to hear! So nice to hear that you love what you do, and I can hear it in your answer and in your voice that you are so passionate about this, and you’re not the only one that just said to me “I love this work so much that I can do it for free!” Someone else had said that to me! So, we’re kinda getting to the end of the podcast, so I had a couple more questions. So first of all, what are you working on right now?

Renu: What am I working on? Ok! In addition to doing individual sessions for people, I teach this to others! It is honestly too good to keep it to myself, so I’ve written a book where I’ve taught kind of the basics of ART. But because of Covid, I had to kind of pivot, that’s the word, the hip word right? I had to move online. So I’ve taken the training, my workshops that I used to do in person, and put it all online. And now I’m doing that. I’m trying to teach people how to heal themselves, whether it’s with ART directly or what I’ve just done recently is, I do a 5-day workshop to teach people how to heal from your past.

Give them a taste as to what is possible. And if they love that, then they’re welcome to come and work with me to really learn how to do it, but I’ve just turned my most recent workshop, 5-day Facebook Live, so it was just a free thing to teach people how to heal themselves. I’ve turned it into an online evergreen, so they can go in and see all the courses, all the days’ worth of material and the homework and the everything to be able to do it themselves on their own schedule. They don’t have to wait for me to set a week aside to do it. And I’m really excited about that, because that means I can reach so many more people and get them excited about healing our own stuff!

Lourdes: Yeah, that’s cool! So you’re teaching this, and where can people go and find that teaching?

Renu: So if they wanna take that course, I’ve got a shortcut. So, it’s – Like a short URL,  And that’s all lowercase. It’s case sensitive, so you gotta make sure it’s all lowercase.

Lourdes: Ok, great, and we’ll put that on the show notes links. So before I let you go, I have a question, it’s a funny or weird question. Are you ready?

Renu: Ready as I’m ever gonna be!

Lourdes: Would you rather be able to teleport, or be able to read minds, and why?

Renu: [Laughter] I’d say teleport. I don’t need to read minds, I’m already… If you ask the right questions you’ll get the answers anyway. So I don’t to read minds to have an idea of what people are thinking, cause like I told you the subconscious is always talking. If you are paying attention, it is conveying so much information. I do not need the ability to read their minds. In fact, I might get more information than I want if I could read their minds. Teleporting however, oh my God, I would love to see the world! I wanna travel, I wanna visit all sorts of places! And my partner, and I, let’s be honest, we try to be really green. And airplanes are not the best carbon emitters that we’ve got out there. In fact, they’re kinda pretty bad. So if I could teleport? Oh my God, that’d be amazing! I’d go everywhere! That was an easy one!

Lourdes: I guess so, that’s good! Well, that’s all the time we have for today Renu. So, again, thank you so much for coming on my podcast. I really appreciate your time. Your answers are so educational to me, I’m gonna check out that link for that free course myself!

Renu: Oh, it’ll be fun! Thank you so much for having me, this was a blast! I really appreciate it!

Lourdes: Wow! It’s amazing how much your mindset and the way you think affects your life emotionally and physically. So that was an amazing, amazing, episode with Renu! And in next week’s episode, we are gonna talk about creating a disaster plan for small business owners or entrepreneurs! Join us next Wednesday, bye for now!

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