Herbalism as a Business and Lifestyle

Herbalism as a Business and Lifestyle

Episode 20

Show Notes:

Therese Prentice is an entrepreneur.  She helps women to simplify wellness as well as show them how to create formulations of herbals, custom designs and more. She is spiritual and believes in healing the body, metaphysics, and a truly a gifted woman.


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The 8th Level Podcast is about being self-employed, entrepreneurship, and bootstrapping it. It’s also about unwinding and relaxing, and when we are not working in our business, to discover ways of connecting to our soul and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this podcast. Thanks for tuning in!

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here today and listening to this episode with us. Let me tell you about my guest, Therese. Therese is a master herbalist, certified holistic health practitioner, aromatherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, metaphysician, and a merchandise designer. She’s a fierce advocate for women seeking greater fulfillment, personal freedom through the healing arts. She is a catalyst, pushing her tribe to finding their purpose, and her goal is to help people create a life that is so good that they don’t need a vacation from it.

Lourdes: And Therese, thank you so much for joining me on my podcast today! How are you?

Therese: I am doing well, thank you for having me!

Lourdes: Oh yes! I read your bio, and my gosh! I am so impressed with what you’ve done with your business! And so, my question is, to begin with, what started you on the path of herbalism?

Therese: Oh, that’s a good question! I started out about 35, almost 40 years ago, as an Aromatherapist. But the common thread has always been there, I’ve always been a healer. I have always been interested in the mind, in the metaphysics. And my mom was uh, she had cancer on and off as a child, and she wove into everything the fibers of who we were, metaphysics.

Which led me to wanna understand more about nature and the universe, all that. And so fast forward, I landed with aromatherapy. And I was really really big into aromatherapy. And then through time, I met various mentors, and I had been mentored by a lot of sages, as they call them, wisdom keepers. And one of my mentors turns to me one day and said, “if you really believe in the power of the plants, then you have to also study the wholeness of the planet. And you really need to bring it all together with herbalism.” And that was the door that opened me to herbalism.

It was the thing that I will say connected all the dots. And I then started to really sit at the feet of various mentors from different schools of thought, and then I landed with what I call ancestral herbalism, which is a deep connection to spirits, nature, plants, and understanding that we are nature. We’re not separate from nature, and it’s bringing back people to the remembrance of who they are. Many of my clients have been called to herbalism through their ancestry, through doing the work in partaking in the plants, whether it’s through teachers, whether it’s through infusions, they are opened up to the remembrance of who they are, and then they have a deeper connection to the plants, and then it goes on from there. The

Lourdes: That’s a lot of good answers there, especially how you got introduced to herbalism. And so, forgive me if I’m ignorant and not knowing too much about herbalists and herbalism lifestyle. So, if you’re leading an herbalistic or herbalism lifestyle, are you a vegetarian? Are you guys vegetarian or anything like that, or vegans?

Therese: Well, y’know, herbalism – it’s so funny that you say that because my podcast is named Herbalism is a Lifestyle, and I talk about it. Herbalism is not – Herbalism is your connection, and understanding that you are connected to the whole universe. We are connected to the plants. The plants have been here, will always be here, they’re here to support us. They’re here to provide the medicine that we need so that we can have vibrant and whole bodies.

But herbalism is a lifestyle because it raises our consciousness, it allows us to be consciously aware. When we ingest the plants, we can do so many things through the union and communion with plants. So when I say herbalism is a lifestyle, it is that we are going to reverence the plants, we’re gonna have respect for the plants. We’re not necessarily saying that it’s part of a dietary lifestyle, but it’s a lifestyle of consciousness. There’s conscious awareness, there’s conscious living, this intentional living, it’s a holistic approach.

See, when we connect with plants, plants have a way of communicating with us. How do they communicate? Well, often times you’ll go into, we hear stories from people that are part of my tribe. They’ll say “I went to this plant, I went to this herbal shop, and this plant just kept showing up for me.” That’s the way of a plant trying to get your attention to let you know that there’s something about that plant that wants to share that wisdom with you.

It may be outside, if you’re out in nature and you notice that this plant keeps showing up for you. Or maybe it catches your awareness because it’s beautiful or pretty. And when you sit with it, it can reveal to you, right, because plants reveal things to me because I use plants every day in my life, I ingest plants every day, I support my body with the minerals from the earth because that’s what helps balance us out. We also learn about the elements, all the five elements that exist for us, and they’re all intertwined together. So when we understand energy, we understand nature, we have a deeper connection and remembrance of who we are, we then can be better people.

And so this is a lifestyle that we live, we live a lifestyle of being consciously connected to ourselves. We answer spirit, whatever you call spirit for you, if you believe in that, there’s a higher being, and so this is our lifestyle. We journal, we make self-care and self-love at the forefront of what we do. Dietary? Well, what you’ll find is a lot of people that are herbalists and/or partake in herbalism, because you don’t have to be an herbalist to – Laypeople can have this kind of lifestyle as well.

But what we do is, is that we partake in the plants. We know that if we want to be a high vibrational person, then we have to ingest plants, whether they are dry plants and we add hot water to them to bring them alive and activate the medicinal properties, or we have a salad. Because most of these plants start out as a flower, a weed, or some type of herb in your garden, in your community. We also know that the medicine, or the remedies as I like to say, that grow in a particular area are those that will help support the people in that area.

So if you notice a lot of dandelion growing in a particular community, you know that that dandelion is growing there because it is to support the people in that community. As an herbalist, I’ll know that maybe those people in that community need a little bit more support for their liver, that’s why this dandelion is growing there for them. Or if I see holly growing, and I know holly is great for grief and supporting people in that manner, it’ll let me know a little bit more about what’s happening in that community, because the plants grow to support that which is around them.

Lourdes: While you were explaining what herbalism is, and an herbalistic life, and you’re talking about the connection to the earth, the universe, and everything is connected, you should see me! I’m over here nodding my head “yes yes I totally agree!” Everything is connected! To plants, especially! Like how the way you explained it, plants are everywhere. So even in the ocean, we’ve got plants in the ocean.

Therese: Yeah, they’re everywhere, and they’re there for a reason. The challenge is people don’t slow down enough to be aware of their surroundings, and so when I teach I’m always using this reference called acute awareness. And acute awareness is when you slow down your mind, your boyd, and your actions enough to watch a drop of water actually hit a leaf of a plant, and then watch it roll off the sides. That’s acute awareness. And so, how can you show up in your life more aware of your surroundings?

And then, another way you can have acute awareness is in a hot cup of tea. Because one of the things we can’t do, is we can’t drink a hot cup of tea fast. You have to slow down to drink a hot cup of tea, and that’s why often times you’ll find that people like herbalists, we drink tea before we go to bed because it allows us to unwind and reset our lives and reflect on our days and decide what we wanna do maybe in the next day. But it most importantly allows us to have a smooth transition from the day that we’ve had, the night that we’ve experienced, and it allows us to have a smooth transition into a restful night’s sleep.

Lourdes: I know you help clients do this. So who is the ideal client that go to you for this type of stuff?

Therese: It’s really anyone. I mean, I’m gonna clarify. Typically the person that comes to me is someone who has been drawn to herbalism, and they don’t really know what to do with this. So that’s one person, aspiring herbalists. They typically come to me because they wanna change their family’s life. They want to eat better, they want to connect more fully with their families, they wanna learn how to make some basic remedies to support their family’s wellness. Another person may come to me, is that the person had went to school, has taken herbalism, and the way that herbalism is taught, they still lack the confidence in making herbal remedies, maybe building out a business, they don’t really know where to start because they’ve inundated with lots and lots of information, but they don’t have really a framework to operate from.

So I bring in the framework for them, and typically I will say that when people come and they learn herbalism from me, whether they learn it from the very beginning ‘I have no idea what an infusion is,’ or they come to me knowing what all of those things are, and then I give them everything that they didn’t think that they needed like the energetics, understanding energy, understanding the spiritual components, or making sense of all these spiritual downloads that they get. They finally found someone that speaks their language, right, as it relates to spirituality and herbalism. And then I give them the framework, because I’m an herbal formulator, I give them the framework for how they can consistently build their herbal remedies and help people affect change in their body.

Because we’re not doctors, we don’t do allopathic, I don’t know anything about any of the allopathic world, and I don’t need to. I give them the herbalist, herbalism way of creating formulas and helping people live more vibrant lives without tapping into the medical or allopathic approach to wellness. We have our own tools, we have our own way of operating with people, and it all starts with the story. Cause no one has time to listen to anyone’s story, and so we start with the story, listen to the story. And from the story, we can help you come up with some real simple things to do that will have profound changes in your life, and I teach how to do consultations, and how to listen to the story and what to do with that.

And so, most people have never had that approach. And the most important thing is allow people to be heard, allow people to speak. And that alone allows them to see that they really have the ability to do this, and then create community around it so they are around like-minded people that have been called to this work. We’ve been called to this work, we don’t just, it’s not something that y’know, yes you wanna make money from it, but most people will tell you that they were called to this work, and then I provide them with the framework so that they can do this work, and then they can provide a decent living and income for their families while they’re out helping other people do the same thing.

Lourdes: It’s nice to hear you can help everybody, or mostly everybody. So, how do you help them? Is it a Zoom meeting for you, do you guys have group sessions, and you said you also teach?

Therese: Mhm.

Lourdes: So do you teach in a group session, or individual, how does that work with you?

Therese: Well, I have a signature course called Herbalism in a Weekend, and everyone typically starts there. So Herbalism in a Weekend is a 2-day training. I used to teach it live, I’m not teaching it live anymore, but I do have it in a digital format. And so a person would purchase that, it’s still a 2-day setup, the framework is 2 days. So the first day, you learn everything that you ever thought that you would need to know and some, for herbalism. And day 2, I blow your mind, and you learn everything that you never even thought about, but it’s all related to herbalism. And we round out the day with you knowing how to make formulas. Because I teach you about the energetics, I teach you about the elements, I teach you about constitutions of people, and I teach you how to build formulas. And so, by the time we get to the end of the day, you’re really good and confident, and you know how to build out your formulas, and you know how to, using the tools that we teach, you know how to assess people.

Then I have a membership. The membership is for those people – So this is kind of like a fork in the road. So if you just wanted to learn and support your family, then that’s good, then you wouldn’t need the membership. But if you want to build a business of any sort, then you would come into the membership, and I’m all about the systems. So we would begin to help you build your systems so that you can support your business. Because at the end of the day, all the businesses that we are, that people are building based on the methodology that I teach, are people that want to have the ability to wake up when they’re done sleeping. They want the ability to spend time with their families.

They don’t want to have a 2 year old and wake up one day and my gosh, the child is 7, and they don’t remember and they don’t have really, haven’t really captured the memories of the growth of that child. So the systems allow us to run our businesses from the front face of our phones, and that’s kind of how I teach. And then I also teach from the framework of, you wanna create your business so that one day if you wanted to sell it, you could.

So I teach them how to create systems in their business, and then from there we just build upon that. So now this year, I added in a mastermind level, because many of the people have been working with me for over a year, they have all their systems in place. So at the mastermind level, because it’s a bigger picture here, I want to create people that understand that they are in control of their destiny. My mission is to teach women the power of creating your own destiny. And so in order to do that, I have to equip them with more skills so that they are able to fish for themselves.

So I teach them in the mastermind things like self-publishing, I teach them how to create their own merchandise, I teach them either they might want branded merchandise. I have someone that is in the fitness arena, she always dreamed of having her own fitness journal and planner, she’s publishing that now. She just got her proof, and she’s doing that. And there’s some that say “Oh you know I always wanted to have my own sneakers,” or “I always wanted to have to go along with a sweatsuit or something with my branded colors” and things like that.

So I’m teaching them how to be surface designers, I’m teaching them how to be self-publishers, and all of these things that will allow them to be leaders in their rightful niche, as well as provide them with things that they could do consulting work, like they can own their space and they never have to think that “oh I have to go back to a job.” They have enough tools, resources, and they have a supporting community around them to support them on whatever part of their journey they’re on.

Lourdes: So, they start with your 2-day starter introduction to herbalism, and then if they wanna continue on and become a member, they get to build their own business, and you help them with that. Do they have to invest a lot? Do they have to have a website first? Is that something that you teach them as you go along?

Therese: Yes. Because, oftentimes people come to me with websites, and they’re not the correct websites. We build websites because remember, we’re building a lifestyle here. And so the lifestyle has to be supported by the systems and the tools that run your business. So lots of times, people come to me, and no offense to anyone that uses that platform or these platforms, but we believe in WordPress, right? And the reason why we believe in WordPress, because remember, we’re building businesses that we don’t want to have to be on Instagram and Facebook and all these various social media platforms all the time. And your content is not your content on those platforms.

So wherever you are not paying for, or you don’t own, you are the content. You are the commodity, you are the product, right? And so, the methodology that we believe in and we operate from is that WordPress is the platform because we wanna leverage SEO. Whatever we put out, we want it to live on forever. We want that in 2025, a post that was on a particular topic, you can go find that post, read that post, and still buy my something. So that’s why we teach them.

I don’t really like people to come in with – I like them when they’re green, I do. But we can also work with those people that are not green. They may have a website, but then they may also have to tweak and make some changes so that they can really kinda move into this type of lifestyle, because everything has to align. So WordPress is the platform of choice, and then we teach them how to also build the same type of model that I have. We can teach them other models, there’s a few models, but the model that I typically teach is to have a WordPress site, a membership model, because we need 3 types of income in our business. We need active income, we need recurring income, and we need passive income.

And so, the model that I teach, the model that I have, and the model that I teach, has all 3 of those. And because what we do know about business is some income strings will be more active at certain points in time because we have ebbs and flows, and so as a result of that, you don’t have that feast and famine. So the models that I teach don’t have a lot of feast and famine, we have a consistent flow. And the way that I teach people to build and how to set their goals, we’re not looking to be a six figure income earner when you haven’t met all those numbers along the way.

So I get them to set goals that they can have huge accomplishment when they reach them. Because somehow, someway, we got caught up in this six figure number, and I don’t know what it means, and I told them the numbers that they work with have to mean something to them. And there’s a whole lotta numbers before we get to 100,000. So we wanna stop at the numbers that are closer to where we are so we can have those huge milestones and success, and celebrate those success along the way. And then, as we creep up, we can get closer to those numbers if those numbers matter.

But the most important number, if you have a job, the most important number that every person should focus on is how do you replace the income that you’re already getting. How do you replace that net? That net income that you’re making, and most people don’t make $100,000 at their job. So what is that net? Focus on that net, meet that number, right? And if you wanna stretch, go to the gross. Because the net is what you get to put in your pocket every week, every month that you get paid. So focus on replacing that net as your big huge milestone.

And if you wanna stretch point, go to the gross. Now once you accomplish that, we got you some freedom, we have you home with your family, what gets to happen for you then? What gets to happen is, your family gets to eat better meals. You get to sit down and have dinner together. You’re not rushing, so your kids get more time and attention. They feel the love. What gets to happen in your household? Then, everybody’s happy, you get to make more money because now, you feel accomplished that when you’re working, you feel good that you spend time with your family, you don’t feel so guilty. And that changes the narrative, that changes the landscape. And then we affect profound change on multidimensional levels.

Lourdes: Wow, so true! And yeah, I totally believe in WordPress myself, I use it and I love it. It’s just so functional! So you help businesses and mentor them and teach them some things about business and getting them started with the systems. I also noticed on your website that you are called the Eclectic Soul Curator, can you tell me about that?

Therese: Well, actually, we just – That’s a term that we actually gonna retire, but I’m a curator at the core. Because, I feel like everything that we’ve talked about today is about curating your life, right?

Lourdes: Yes!

Therese: An eclectic soul, if we break it up, means unconventional. I’m an unconventional spiritual curator, if you really wanna break that down. And unconventional is, everything I talk about is unconventional. Because, most people never took the time to figure out what is it that they really want. How do they wanna live their life? They are really responding to the conditions that they’ve already been programmed with. I’m saying, take the time to sit down and look at your life. Most people that come in my world are seeking to be unconventional. They don’t wanna do what they’ve already done, they don’t wanna do what everybody else is doing, and oftentimes it comes to my space and they’re like “finally I feel like there’s somebody speaking my language.” And oftentimes we don’t look at it as language, but I look at all of it as language. I’m speaking their language, and they didn’t have anyone that was speaking their language. They had all these feelings, cause I felt what they feel right?

Cause I always say your story is your business is your brand, so tell me your story. And that’s how I know when they show up, there’s some part of my story in each one of these people that show up, primarily women. And so all I have to do is listen, like lean in, have acute awareness, allow them to speak their truth. And then I’ll be able to find inside of their stories, the similarities in our own stories, in our own lives. And I know when they show up, I can help them. And so, I speak their language, they feel more comfortable, and we just kinda take it from there.

Lourdes: Yeah, I truly believe that! You have some good mentors that made you aware. I just found out that the person we help are just like us, isn’t it? So with mindsets, people that go to you and they don’t have that confidence to start a business, with this type of herbalistic approach, which I know is connected to everything, would that help them?

Therese: Of course, because here’s why! I allow them to speak. I don’t make them feel bad, I talk to them. I like, have a personal – like, people always say to me, even when they’re in a crowded room, they feel like it’s just me and them. And I spend a lot of time on Clubhouse, and Clubhouse, the rules of my rooms are I talk to one person at a time. So if you want to ask me a question, I’m talking to the room, but I’m just talking to you. And even when I am in co-working sessions, I’m talking to people. I’m talking one person at a time. Everybody else can listen, they’re like eavesdropping, but I speak to one person at a time. And I think that’s my gift to people. I give people time to speak, because people oftentimes didn’t give me time to speak, so I give people time to speak.

I’m never in a rush, so I don’t rush, so people feel like, and then I tell them to slow down, you don’t have to try to talk a mile a minute, cause I’m not going anywhere. I said I don’t show up when I don’t have time. If I don’t have time to allow you to speak, I’m not gonna be here. So just slow down, take a deep breath, and say what you have to say. And so when you create spaces for people to speak and be heard, when they typically have not been allowed to speak and be heard, and they hear someone else go through that process, they ease, they ease up the pressure on themselves. But one of the other things that I teach is manifestation. I teach the power of creating your own destiny, I provide you with the tools. So mindset is huge. Mindset is huge. But I also have a community of people that’ve been on various parts of this journey, so they support the community as a whole. I’m big on people supporting other people. I’m big on that. I knew it the other day that I had reached, and what I teach had reached a few people, or several people, because a young lady was sharing what her year has been like, and what her accomplishments are, and she’s like “You know Ms. Therese is big on us working as like a family. She’s big on us supporting each other.”

And so when someone can say that back to you, you know that that’s the application is the evidence of learning. So I know that she’s, it’s ingrained now how we conduct ourselves in these spaces. We allow people the ability to be heard, because you’re gonna have the ability to be heard. And then we support them wherever they are on their journey. But I’ll also tell them let me know what’s going on with you so I can celebrate you. I’m all about celebrating people. I feel like I do all the things that we always wanted that nobody gave us. And that’s truly what I do! I give people everything that I wanted out in the world that nobody allowed me to have. And so now that I feel like I’m a force to reckon with, I’ve done my work that I don’t really care what people think anymore, I just create and hold space for everybody else to step into that container too. And so, they come to me by the droves and I just love them I feel like I can have some of the badder people out here in the world of entrepreneurship, because people can just be cruel.

But I know now that that’s because they haven’t done their work. They haven’t sat down and figured out who they are. They haven’t gotten over those childhood hurts. And we have people in my community that can support them with that too. We have therapists in there, we have people that work on wound wellness. While I don’t do consultations with individuals, I feel like I’ve cultivated an amazing group of practitioners that are confident in who they are and what they deliver and how they serve, that anyone that comes to us that needs support, I’ll find out what they need, and then I’ll align them with someone in my community that can support them. I give back to the community because I really want the community to thrive, and I want them to know that they’re important and that they can get out here, the world is waiting for them to get out here to support people in their wellness. And so, we rally around them when they’re launching, everybody will show up for it, I’m big about that. I’m big on making sure that people feel heard, and people feel supported.

Lourdes: You have a very, very big heart! Very big heart! And I can feel the kindness across the lines here!

Therese: Thank you so much. I try my best. I feel like sometimes it’s like, I’m living out my own fantasy because I create what I want. Like, how I wanna feel is what I create. And so, that’s how I create and do life. How I wanted to feel at different points in time that I didn’t feel, I wanna make sure that I’ve helped somebody else not feel what I had to feel or deal with in this world, and now I have the ability to do that, and I want people to get past the need for money. And so, that’s part of it too. Like, money is just currency, and I’m gonna show you how you no longer have to focus on the money, but more importantly focus on the work. Because every day that we don’t show up and do the work that we were called to do, someone is suffering because you didn’t show up. It’s like not showing up for your kids at school with their lunch if they left their lunch at home and they don’t have any lunch money.

You would make it your business to get over there and get them that lunch, because you didn’t want them to be hungry. The work that we are called to do is just that important, because if I didn’t show up for these ladies last year when they were starting their business, or this year when they’re starting their business, then that means that they would not have had the success and the confidence and the support all twelve months to get to now, where they’re out doing pop-ups and sharing their products, doing consultations, and having their client base say some of the same things about them. So we have to show up and do our work. And so that’s why I’m here. I’m here talking to you, because you offered the opportunity, and it’s my responsibility to show up and continue to do my work, because I don’t know who will listen to this that maybe somebody will just have confidence and hope, just hope by listening to it. So all things are possible.

Lourdes: Yeah, I appreciate you showing up today, thank you so much! So, I know you live your life purposefully and in a nice calm way, you don’t let a lot of things get to you, but I have an odd question. Which is, what do you, and you’re probably more relaxed so, to ask this question, but I’m curious, what do you do to relax or de-stress? If you even –

Therese: I’m human! I’m like everybody else, don’t put me on a pedestal! I do lots of things. I’m an artist, so I draw. So when I finish here, and you and I have finished this podcast, I’m gonna do some drawing. I take drawing classes, I’m learning Spanish. Well, not learning Spanish, but I want to be more conversational with my Spanish, I wanna think in Spanish, so I am taking some conversational Spanish classes. I’m taking up roller skating, photography, I like to travel, I like to go eat and hang out with friends. So I got a lotta things that I do! I create products, I’m a surface designer, I do a lot things, I journal… And the most important thing that I do? I spend time in my bed! [Laughter from both] I am not – I love my bed, I love to relax. So I sit outside on my balcony, and I have one of those egg chairs and I sit there and I chill. So, here’s what I do.

The biggest thing that keeps me in alignment is that I check in every morning to see how I feel. I’m a manifester in human design, and that means that I don’t have a lot of sustainable energy, and I’ve learned to live my strategy in human design. Which means I do all the things when I have bursts of energy, and I do absolutely nothing when I don’t have a burst of energy, and I’ve learned to live that way. And I only put three things in my day. And I try my best to try to get to the three things, and if I don’t I’m ok with that, but I only have three things to do on any given day. It took a lot of work to get here, but I’ve really lived a very intentional life. It wasn’t always this way, but I found that this is a really good way for me to stay in a state of flow, and I’m gonna stick with it, cause it really feels good.

Lourdes: Yeah, that sounds like a great tip, just to have three things to do in a day. Because y’know, everybody’s so overwhelmed with so many things that they have to do today. So now, it comes to the time where I’m gonna ask you a weird or funny question. So Therese, if you were a plant for a whole year…

Therese: If I was a what?

Lourdes: A plant.

Therese: Oh, ok!

Lourdes: What plant would you be for a whole year, and why?

Therese: What plant would I be, and why would I be that plant all year… Oh my gosh, there’s so many I could be. Hmm… I would be… I’m gonna go with my favorite plant that’s in my house, it’s a fig fiddle.

Lourdes: I love those! [Laughter] Why?

Therese: I have one that’s not doing well right now, and I’ve got to –

Lourdes: It shed a bunch of leaves on mine, I only have the top and I wanna buy a different one. But why would you wanna be a fig fiddle?

Therese: Because I am so drawn to that plant, and to be quite honest with you, many people have told me that that plant now is the symbolism of my deceased husband. And it was just a plant that I love, so I looked it up, and it’s a plant of abundance, and I’m just all about that life. So I would say the fig fiddle. My next one, if I was gonna go to something that’s gonna nourish my body, I would probably say nettles is one of my favorite, but I’m gonna say lemon balm or holy basil. And the reason why I would say that is because lemon balm has so many amazing properties.

Like, it’s a nervine, so it’s gonna help relax you, but not make you sleepy. It’s also an antiviral, so it’s gonna help boost your immune system. And I just love the taste of lemon balm, it just helps you mellow out. So I would say lemon balm too. Like I have so many favorite plant allies, that’s why it was hard. I was like “don’t go over there, cause you know that you gonna want your lemon balm, your nettles, your lemongrass…” I guess my favorite combination would be, to leave the audience with something that they may wanna try. I like it any time of the year, but cold, I’d say some lemon balm, lemongrass, and lemon verbena. Equal parts of it, and I call that my herbal lemonade. Put a squeeze of lemon in it and make it cold, and it’s so good.

Lourdes: Oh that sounds so refreshing! Oh my gosh…

Therese: It’s delicious! All the lemons, and it’s gonna mellow you out. It’s just got so many properties for you. It’s gonna do your body good, but it’s also gonna do your palate good and it’s gonna be refreshing, and it’s nice for the upcoming warm season.

Lourdes: Hmm, ok! Anything else you wanna add? Have you been up to anything new, anything coming up?

Therese: The one thing that always is Herbalism in a Weekend. https://herbalisminaweekend.com  You can always go there, that’s a great starting point for anyone that wants to learn about herbalism and feels like a call to herbalism. That’s a great framework for you to step into, because then you can decide what you want to do. If you want to be a community herbalist or you just wanna be a family herbalist and you just wanna support your family, you’ll have everything that you need to be able to make remedies for your family and/or your community. And if you want to build a business, then we have that option there too after you take Herbalism in a Weekend, you can step into our membership.

Lourdes: Great, and then besides that website, is there a different way for our listeners to contact you?

Therese: The best way always is to go to my website, https://eclecticsoulcollective.com. There’s everything there, that’s my hub, that’s my home. So https://eclecticsoulcollective.com would be the best place, because you don’t get lost there. Everything’s there. Whatever I’m up to will be there and connected from there. That’s my hub, that’s my home.

Lourdes: Great! Thank you so much Therese, for having this wonderful interview. I’ve learned a lot just with this conversation about herbalism and herbalistic lifestyle, and it’s not about just herbs. It’s not about that, it’s a lot of things!

Therese: No, it’s not! It’s a consciousness! It’s all about living consciously and living in alignment with what you were called to do and who you are, and so much! It’s the best way to live because when you live in alignment, you can’t go wrong, that’s where your peace is. That’s where your harmony is. Cause I don’t believe in balance, no two things are ever equal, but I do believe in harmony because we can live in harmony with two things at the same time.

Lourdes: Wonderful words of wisdom to end this interview! Thank you so much again, and have a wonderful day!

Therese: Thank you so much! Thank you for having me!

Lourdes: And join us next week, when I talk about on-boarding clients!

[Music outro]

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