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Journey into Mediumship with Sunni Hancock

Interview with Sunni Hancock

Episode #84

Show Notes:

In this episode, Sunni Hancock takes us on her mediumship journey, sharing insights into her training, teaching philosophy, and upcoming projects.


  • Early Training: Sunni’s Facebook group practice and mentorship under Maria Chats paved the way for her extraordinary mediumship skills.
  • Direct Mediumship: Emphasizing the importance of direct readings, Sunni explains her efficient approach, asking sitters for relationship details.
  • Teaching Philosophy: Sunni believes in an equal learning environment, offering hybrid courses to provide a balanced mentorship experience.
  • Dream Journals Project: Sunni’s upcoming project involves a five-box set of journals with submitted photos, merging spirituality with daily life.
  • Time Travel Confession: Sunni shares a personal revelation, expressing a desire to time travel to the past to change how she treated others.
  • Relaxation Techniques: Sunni’s relaxation methods include spending time with family, baking, reading, and staying present to reduce stress.
  • Upcoming Projects: Anticipating a March 1st release, Sunni is excited about her dream journal box set, showcasing her dedication to spiritual integration.
  • Favorite Teaching Moment: Finds joy in watching her students excel, reflecting the rewarding aspect of her teaching role.
  • Challenging Moments: Recounts a memorable reading with a skeptic, sharing the unexpected twist that momentarily shook her confidence.
  • Personal Development: Sunni discusses the phases of mediumship development, emphasizing the importance of integration and human moments.


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You can find Sunni on her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Sunni.L.Hancock

Find her books and journals on Amazon, under the pen name Ember Rain and with her real name, Sunni Louise Hancock.


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