Guidance and Assistance to Fulfill Your Spiritual Path – Daniel Jackson

Show Notes – Episode # 37

Daniel Jackson was gifted to be able to communicate with spirits and guides. He also authored a book, The New Beginning”. He guides you with today’s living and teach you what life is all about.


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The 8th Level Podcast is about being self-employed, entrepreneurship, and managing our online business. It’s also about connecting to our souls, having the right mindset, and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this show. Thank you for listening to this episode today!

Daniel Jackson is my guest today. He was gifted with the ability to communicate with archangels and spirits. With this information, he guides and assists others to fulfill their spiritual path. Daniel loves call-in segments where people can ask him questions on the air. His main goal is to teach people about their reason for existence, and to help them become a better version of themselves. It is with this intention that he operates out of spirit of love and compassion. Daniel has been able to help many people in finding their true path with amazing results! Daniel takes extreme pride in his ability to answer all the unanswered questions.

Lourdes: So Daniel, thank you so much for joining me today, how are you?

Daniel: I’m doing good, how about yourself?

Lourdes: I’m pretty good. So I’m gonna go ahead and start the questions. So, I try to keep it around 30 minutes or so, so I’m gonna start. So, I understand this was gifted to you –

Daniel: Well, sort of. People think it’s a gift, more-or-less you wake up and they gave it to you, but that’s not exactly how it works. It comes through with your soul, each and every time that we come back, and we come back many many times. But it comes through with your soul. Some people are just meant to keep it, but not everyone is, as I tell everyone, some people are just meant to be teachers, most people are meant to be students. And you wake up at a certain period in your life, and you realize this is really going on, but it’s up to you to decide if you’re actually going to move forward with it or not.

And not everybody does, I’ve had some people come to me who felt they had this ability, and as soon they tell me their name or as soon as I start talking to them, I know right away cause I get told, and then I go the process of what it takes to be this, and then they don’t want it. Because it’s a complete 180 change from your regular life. I met a girl one time who had a really good gift, this ability, but she didn’t want it, she just chose to be 26 instead, so that’s on her. But, I can’t help that, but I help the ones who do come to me, and I just go through the process with them, and then if they need any other help after that. But yeah, this is not like, it’s a magical boom! You’re a medium now! It doesn’t happen that way.

Lourdes: So were you born as a medium, or?

Daniel: Everyone is born with it. We come in with this, but the world teaches us the ways of the world, and a lot of times it goes away. Basically they’re throwing a bucket of bleach over top over us, and basically washing away the truth, and then we get taught all these lies, all this pain, anguish, all that stuff. But everyone has it, but it just kinda goes away. You hear about little kids and their moms and dads going oh they got imaginary friends, it’s not imaginary. They’re actually seeing this, they’re actually hearing these voices, but uh.

Lourdes: Yeah. I’ve heard that we all have psychic abilities –

Daniel: And when we do that… Oh yeah, you can still do it. I mean, you can, there is other ways to contact what we would call your spirit guides and you can do that most of [inaudible] meditation. But we all have it, we all are able to communicate in the way that they communicate, which is telepathy. We all have it because we all go back home all the time. We all leave here and go back into spirit, and then some of us have to come back. But because of the transition of going back and forth all the time, once you leave your body, you have that ability to talk that they talk because you no longer have a voice box at that time, you no longer have a body to do it like how we do it here, you go back to the original way because it’s who you are.

Lourdes: Yeah. So, lemme ask you this. Knowing that you are a medium, are you a religious person?

Daniel: No, I am spiritual. I don’t do the whole religion thing, because religion is a bunch of people telling you how to live your life the way they want to you live it, and give them 10% at the same time, and how did they know about 10% back then? Because the people who wrote all these scrolls and books and all that stuff, they were kings and queens. They were controlling power, and that’s all they want. They wanna scare you into having a bunch of power over you. So I’m not into religion, organized religion, the Bible, none of that stuff, it’s all a bunch of bullcrap.

Lourdes: I agree, I agree. I don’t believe in religion anymore. I was, I went to Catholic school for 8 years.

Daniel: Oh man, poor you! [Laughs]

Lourdes: I was forced to, all through grade school from kindergarten to 8th grade.

Daniel: That was the perfect word you said, forced to.

Lourdes: Yeah, yeah. And I am not religious at all anymore, I’m open-minded to everything.

Daniel: I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, I believe in a lot of that. But I don’t believe in the power and control that they have, telling you that He’s a fearful God, but also a merciful God. Well which one is He?

Lourdes: Yeah, mhm.

Daniel: There’s a lot of that stuff, it’s just, y’know. I don’t even read the Bible, cause I don’t have to, but if I need to know something, my spiritual guides will tell me. But there’s even a part in the Bible that says Jesus talks about “I am just like you, you are just like me,”  but they also want you to believe that He is divine and you are not. Well how can He be just like me and I’m just like Him but he’s the only one? No.

Lourdes: Totally agree with that. So with the spirit guides, I’ve tried many many times to contact mine, and I think I contacted one walking along the beach in my meditation somewhere. How many spirit guides do we have? Cause sometimes I think maybe I should keep doing this, and it’s not like I talk to my spirit guide every time, y’know?

Daniel: Well spirit guides, they’re gonna help us, all people have at least 2. You’ll always have a man who’s with you, who helps you with the more masculine decisions, and the female with the more nurturing decisions. But we have so many thoughts and decisions that go through our mind, thousands of em, but we don’t act on them all. But they will help us along with way. When you are actually waking up and getting ready to do anything in your life, that’s not you deciding to do that, that’s mostly them deciding to do that, and they’re connecting with your soul, which is getting you to go out and do these things. But a lot of people, unfortunately, they talk themselves out of things because of the world teaching them the ways of the world.

They teach them that they are not good enough or to not have faith in themselves, or they should be this size or that size, or you should only eat this and only wear this. They want you to believe that you have to rely on them for everything. But these spirit guides are with us all the time, you wake up in the morning and you say “oh I think I’m gonna go to the mall today.” That’s them trying to get you to go to the mall because they want you to have experiences and meet people that you’re supposed to meet. But a lot of us, like I said, will talk ourselves out of it because we use our free will too much, our ego that we learned here, and we talk ourselves out of it, and then we end up on the incorrect path. But they want us to stay on the correct path so that we can fulfill our purpose here. Because our purpose is not becoming a doctor or a lawyer, our purpose is we are here to help each other just for the sake of helping.

Not just because you can, but because you should. And we will help someone, someone will come up to you and say “Excuse me miss, I’m lost,” but it’s up to you to use your free will to decide whether or not you’re gonna help them, and a lot don’t help them because they think oh it’s all about me me me me, and this world’s about me, and I don’t care about people, and I’m gonna take a thousand selfies and put em on Facebook all day, and if you’re doing that, you need to go get that checked out because that’s a self-esteem problem that’s not a, you’re becoming an attention ho at that point. [Lourdes laughs] But, you are here to help other people, we are all here to help each other, that’s why we’re here. But people don’t realize that. And, there are plenty of people out there to either help or get in contact with, I mean there’s what, almost 8 billion of us? So if you’re having an issue, you don’t have to just rely on your spirit guides, you can talk to someone else, cause all you have to do is reach out and find someone. But finding our spirit guides, they’re always with us all the time, they never go away, they help us do everything. But here’s a way that you can know that your spirit guides are with you.

When you’re driving your car and you see a car in front of you, and you say “Hm I think I’m gonna pass that car,” but then you get this gut feeling that says don’t pass the car, well what’s that mean? Don’t pass the freaking car, because you’re gonna get into something they don’t want you to get into. Here’s how you know when someone didn’t listen to their spirit guides, when you’re in the hospital talking to them and they tell you “Hey you know what? I saw that car in front of you,” and then they say these three words, “I just knew.” And when they say that, that means the spirit was telling them not to do this, but they used their free will, their ego, to talk themselves into something else that they shouldn’t be doing, and then boom, they get into a car accident. But again, this is how people don’t listen. We need to learn to listen, and we need to learn to follow through.

Lourdes: I agree. And how do you teach someone to listen?

Daniel: Well, again, that’s up to them and their free will. It’s up to them. I give them the answers they’re looking for, like I was saying earlier, people come to me for answers from God, I get the answers for them. But they don’t always like the answer, because they want their own answer, they want their own truth, which is most of the time not the actual truth. So I give them the answers, but it’s up to them still to take that information and decide what they’re gonna do with it. Some people I do readings for actually do follow through, and then they report back to me to tell me “Hey you know, this happened to me, this happened to me, this happened, all this good stuff is happening!” And I said “Yeah, was it happening before?” And they’d say “No,” and I’d say “Because you weren’t listening before. Now I gave you to the tools, I gave you the ideas on how to listen to them and then follow through, and now these good things are happening like I said they would.” And they say “Yeah I can’t believe it,” and I said “Well you can believe it, you just you can’t believe it because the world wants you to believe that you can’t believe it.”

Lourdes: Ain’t that terrible how the world wants us to believe the other way? So my other question is, I saw on your website that you have a book, and that your book mentioned you were an ordinary man, and so why do you think you were called upon to be a spirit medium?

Daniel: Well, my spirit guides are a little bit different than regular spirit guides. I have with me what I refer to, or what we all refer to as archangels. They are not men with wings, they don’t have wings, they don’t have a shield and a sword, they’re not fighting a battle in Heaven, most of them don’t look human, some of them look humanoid, but most of them don’t look like they’re humans. And they themselves are with me for another reason that I was unaware of until just a few years ago when I found out I was a medium, I’m here to cross spirits over into the light. And they are with me because they protect me from all the negative energies that are around these, so I’m able to actually cross them over.

Sometimes these spirits will ask me questions, and how would I get the answer for those? So they are with me to give me the answers, and then I give them the answers. And it’s pretty cool too, because when I see them, I see everything. I see pretty much dogs, cats, horses, cows, fish, everything. Other beings from other places, because people think we are the only world with beings on it, think again. So they will ask me questions, but every time one of them asks me a question, even if it’s a dog or a cat, it comes through as English. It just, it’s translated, and I just hear it. I know some other mediums who hear people speaking who are Latino or Asian and it comes through as that language, and I’m like “Man, poor you,” cause I’m over here in English.

Lourdes: [Laughs] Right? Yeah!

Daniel: And if a crocodile is talking to me, I hear it in English, it’s just the way it comes through because it’s a universal language, more or less, but it just gets when you are in spirit, things change, and I am not – Although I am not in spirit, we are all in spirit, because our spirit is within us. So I am here to cross those spirit over, but the bigger reason being, and this is gonna sound really crazy, but, are you sitting down?

Lourdes: I’m sitting down.

Daniel: Good, OK. So when you pass away, you’ll stand up and you’ll see out of your body and you’ll say “oh I don’t need my body anymore,” you’ll take a step to the left, you’ll look to the right, and you’ll see a light turn on, and that’s your personal light, everyone gets one. And then when you cross over, the light turns off. If you don’t cross over, you’ll remain here as an Earthbound spirit, the light turns off. But, there’s always one light that shines all the time, and that light that’s shining all the time is in a physical body, for a couple of different reasons.

One, to be able to cross spirit over into that light. And two, that spirit is inside of this body, it’s also talking, so all spirit can hear it as also see that light, because it’s in a physical body, it has to be in this physical world, it’s able to see them, this light, all the time. Now not just spirit themselves can pick up on this light, but people here living, what we would call living, who also have this spirit in them, the soul inside of them, can also pick up on this energy. Again, they’re just attracted to it. But the other ones who have passed away who are just walking around, they have to be able to see this light to know where to go, to know how to get to Heaven. What we would call Heaven, it’s just another place, another realm, that’s all.

But we just gave it a name, as we give everything a name in this world. I mean, we give archangels names here, they’re actually human names, but that’s not their actual names because we can’t pronounce their actual names, their name is more of a sound vibrational thing but we just can’t do it because we have a voice box and we just can’t push out the air the correct way to do that. But these spirit have to be able to see this light and to hear this light so they know where to go, and then again like I said, this light which is in a physical body has to be able to cross the spirit over. And not just one at a time, thousands at a time, because God wants all of his children to come home, and that light that’s inside that physical body is me, but no one else.

Lourdes: Hm, interesting.

Daniel: It doesn’t have to be anyone else because wherever they are in that plane of existence, they only have to see one light. I mean, if you’re standing in a parking lot and there’s no other lights turned on and you see a parking light like this on, you know exactly where it’s at. Same thing.

Lourdes: Hm, okay. You mentioned –

Daniel: It just happens to be me. But, like when you leave here, you’ll go home. And then if you have to come back because you didn’t fulfill your purpose enough, then you just come back. And it happens all the time because no one lives to be 150 years old besides at that point it hurts to pee. So when you come here, you come here, you’re learning your lessons, and then you have to fulfill your purpose. But if you don’t have enough time because life got in the way or you were just a selfish piece of crap or something like that, and you didn’t do it, well they know they can bring you back again. But with me it doesn’t happen that way, with me each time the body expires, then the soul gets up out of that body leaves and goes right into the next one that’s being born. It was actually in my grandfather before it was in me. My grandfather knew that I was going to be born, and my mom and dad, he was really excited about me being born.

Now I had two brothers and a sister, and he was excited about that, but super excited with me because he knew, because he had this, and so when it was coming time for me to be born, my dad called him up and said “hey you gotta come to the hospital, he’s getting ready to pop out,” and he got ready to go to the hospital he had a heart attack and died. And when he did his soul left his body and came into mine. And the reason I know this story part of it from my mom who would tell me, but I know the other part of it because my spiritual guides told me that’s just the way it works and that’s the way it worked for me. And what it is is just each time that I come back just like you come back every time, you’re just a different version of you. That’s why I tell people don’t mess with or 23andMe and all that stuff because the person you’re looking up from 100 years ago that looks similar to you was actually you. And it’s the same thing with me, just another version of me.

Now I remember some of my previous lifetimes, but as I tell everyone, I don’t mess with the past life regression and all that stuff because here’s the deal. If your past lives were so important, if your previous life to this point was so important, you would’ve fulfilled your purpose, and you wouldn’t be here now. You wouldn’t have had to come back now because you would’ve gotten it done. So if you look out into the world and you see all the other 7 and a half, 8 billion people, that’s why I tell people everyone is equal, no one is better than anyone else, and the proof is that all those 8 billion people went home to Heaven, they all had to come back, just like you did.

Lourdes: Well that sucks. I don’t want to come back to Earth, I really don’t. [Laughs]

Daniel: Yeah but you’ve been here a bunch of times. Here lemme ask real quick… 28, you’re on number 28. You’ve had 27 other lifetimes, meaning you had 27 other moms and dads, brothers and sisters, dogs and cats. 27 other astrological signs that mean absolutely dogcrap because it only has to do with your body nothing to do with your soul because that’s a physical thing. But you’re on number 28, but that’s pretty average. I mean, when I do readings for people and I find out how many times they’ve been here it’s usually between 26 and 29 times. I did do a reading the other day, a lady has been here 33 times. She is really screwing it up.

Lourdes: Oh no. So, what is the average number that people come back before they get everything that they wanted in their lives and then fulfilling their life’s purpose –

Daniel: Between 26 and 29 times, yeah.

Lourdes: And then where do you go, what happens?

Daniel: You go home.

Lourdes: You just stay there? You don’t come back?

Daniel: Well you don’t have to stay there, you can come back in a body if you want to, if you want to do this all over again just because you like doing these physical things. Or you can come back as well and be a spirit guide for someone else. Because sometimes, that’s what what spirit guides are. They are people who have crossed over, fulfilled their purpose, and come back and help people. Sometimes they are actually your relatives, but we’re all each other’s relatives because we all come from the same family, the soul family, we’re just here learning lessons and fulfilling a purpose. But yeah, you can just leave here and you go to another existence, but the thing about that existence is you’re no longer in a body, and you’re not having to pay bills or drive cars or anything like that, you’re living your life uninterrupted. I mean, what would you do?

Lourdes: Hm, yeah. That would be good, I don’t wanna do all the bills and all that stuff. If I don’t have to –

Daniel: Yeah because they don’t have money there. I mean, people ask me dumb questions all the time, “Am I gonna win the lottery?”

Lourdes: Oh my gosh.

Daniel: The spirit does not care about you winning the lottery. And the point of you winning the lottery anyways is not if you win the money, but when you get it, what do you do with it? If you just spend it all on yourself, you use your ego, well yeah, you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. But if you take some of that money and you help other people with it, then that’s OK. But just being a miser, just being selfish is not going to help you to not have to come back again.

Lourdes: Yeah. So, you mentioned your spirit guides are, you see their faces, they’re not human-like, they’re sorta humanoids, do you think, so, it reminds me of an alien question to ask you –

Daniel: Well you can ask that question because that’s exactly what I’m gonna tell you they are.

Lourdes: Ok, cause are there aliens here, and if so, what are they doing, do you also communicate with aliens? Meaning from, obviously they’re not humans.

Daniel: Well, my spirit guides, what we refer to as archangels, that’s exactly what they look like to me. When I see them at night when they’re in my room, it used to be just 2 of them, and now it’s like thousands of them, and I just see them standing around and they’re working on me and stuff like that. They work on my soul so I’m able to communicate and see them better and get just a better sense of who they are and what they do for everyone else. And it’s like if you’ve ever seen that movie Avatar, and they’re working on the guy who got hurt and they have little mechanical arms are coming down, well that’s what I see at nighttime and they’re touching me and I feel little cold touches and they’re working on my soul so I can communicate with them better. But they’re also changing me as well, they’re changing me into something else, or as I would say, someone else. And then so I can help everyone else. But when I see them in my room, it’s like looking at 7 or 8 foot praying mantises standing in my room.

Lourdes: Ok, so… That’s gotta be scary for some people, right?

Daniel: Yeah well, only scary because you believe in the narrative that everyone has been telling you that everything is a monster. But they’re not, they’re not monsters, they’re actually here to help us, but we are told they are monsters, so that’s why everyone believes they are monsters, because you’re foolish enough to believe in the world telling you all this bullcrap, and then you fell for it. And that’s your issue, that’s not their issue, you fell for it. So you have to learn to not fall for it anymore, I don’t, I see them all the time. I see what we call into the spirit realm into the Heaven and earthbound as well, and there’s no Hell, there’s no Purgatory, there’s none of that stuff.

There’s no one walking around with horns and a tail torturing anybody. Although, there might be someone walking around with horns and a tail, but that’s because that’s what he looks like, or he comes from. That’s it. [Lourdes laughs] But these aliens, they are walking around here, why are they walking around here, why do they come here all the time? Because if you think that we were born of Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve, whichever you prefer, we were not. We were born of them, they brought us here, we were, they brought themselves here and populated this place, and we are just not doing so great now, and they come here all the time to check on our progress, that’s it. Because they’re part of us, we’re part of them.

Lourdes: So with all the crap going on in the world Daniel, how come they don’t try to interfere and help us sometimes?

Daniel: They do, but it’s our governments that don’t want that to happen, because the reason is, they fly into this space all the time, they come around on their ships all the time, and our government can’t do anything about it, they have absolutely no power to stop them from doing it. But they don’t want us to know that they don’t have any power over that, they wanna continue to have power over us so that’s why they make fun of people, that’s why they lie to people, that’s why they hide it from people, because they don’t want us to realize how much control and power they don’t have over that, because if these beings were going to do something to us, don’t you think they would have done it by now?

But our governments, they don’t want us to know that, because they wanna be able to have control and power over us, they want us to go out and work 80 hours a week, work work work work work, and make all the money we can that we’re not really gonna get because we’re gonna give it to them all the time cause we’re buying all their crap all the time because we buy all the 6 cars and 7 hours and 10 boat stuff when you don’t really need that but they want you to believe that you need that stuff so we do we go out and buy all that crap all the time because if you notice what’s our money system based on? Paper and rocks.

Lourdes: Gold, right?

Daniel: Gold, diamonds, yeah. Precious gems, they’re not precious, they just want you to believe it’s precious. So yes, they have no control over these beings coming here, but they’re gonna do their damnedest to hide it from us so we don’t know. And they have tried to make contact on many occasions, but now, now we have developed enough weapons here that when something comes into our atmosphere they try to shoot it down, because they don’t want it to affect us because this is who they are, they’re evil people. They talk about everyone else being evil against them because they are the evil ones. It’s just like again, kings and queens, everyone else who is a threat to them, a threat to their power, that’s why they don’t want us to know. That’s hwy it doesn’t happen. It’s coming though. It’s coming, they’re actually gonna come here in a larger force, and they will take over and take that stuff away and let us know that everything’s OK. But, it’s coming.

Lourdes: So, how do you know and how do you coach someone who is not fulfilling their life’s purpose?

Daniel: Usually they’re not fulfilling their life’s purposes because they’re just not paying attention. Because they’ve let the world talk them into everything, y’know, talk them into depression and talk them into all this other stuff. I mean, depression, more or less, is you holding on to a bunch of feelings that you acquired and you don’t wanna let them go.

Lourdes: Why is that?

Daniel: Because the world has taught us that we’re not good enough to do anything, that we don’t fit in anywhere, that we have to be a certain type of person, and if you’re not that certain type of person you’re not good enough for anything, you can’t do anything, you can’t do anything to help yourself, which is all a complete lie. I mean if you go out and get a job what’s happening there? You’re going to get the job. I mean you just have to be proactive about that but I try to give them, I try to open up their eyes and open up their heart so that they can see what’s actually going on, and then when they realize that the world really isn’t doing anything for them, then they won’t have such a hard time. Then they don’t hold onto those depressive feelings.

I mean, in all actuality, if you were an alcoholic and I was your best friend, I would say y’know what I’ll take you to classes, I will take you to places that just regular people talking without any of this other crap going on, I will keep you away from the drugs and alcohol, keep you away from bars, although you know who doesn’t like a good strip club every now and then, but I will help you with these things, but until you choose to stop drinking, no matter what I say or do isn’t gonna make a difference. It’s all your choice. Everything has always been your choice, you always have the ultimate answer, the ultimate decision to make these choices for you.

Lourdes: Have you ever had a client that you could not help?

Daniel: Yes, I had one a couple of days ago, actually. I was doing this festival over the weekend, and she just didn’t want my help, she said she just kept saying “no no no no no” and pushing away from me, and when you do that that means you don’t have an open mind, you don’t have an open heart, you can’t accept anything, and when you can’t accept anything, what am I doing? I can’t do anything for you. But if you’re just gonna push against me and push against everything? She just didn’t want help, she wanted answers but she didn’t want help. And I can’t give answers to someone who doesn’t want help. There are just some people in this world I can help and I can’t help, and the ones I can’t help, I just move on from them and find the people I can help because I can’t continue to try to help someone who just pushes away.

Lourdes: Okay, so we’re almost at time, so I wanna ask you, what do you do for fun when you’re not speaking to spirits, just to relax and unwind, what do you like to do?

Daniel: What I’m getting ready to do right after this interview. [Lourdes laughs] I’m gonna get on my motorcycle and go take a ride and hang out with some friends. I like to ride motorcycles, my wife and I like to go thrifting. Again, we live here in Arizona, we just moved here about 6 months ago, so everything is brand new to us. And we have mountains right next to us, we had a really big rainfall yesterday, and my wife’s been waiting for on the side of the mountain there’s this waterfall there, but it only happens after a big rain, and we can see it off in the distance cause this mountain is like 2 miles high, but I mean, it’s about probably 5 miles away from us, but it looks like it’s right this. And she’s like “There it is there it is!” And we’d put our phones up and, you don’t wanna go up that side of the mountain when it’s actually doing this waterfall because everything’s real loose and muddy and stuff like that, but we focused in on it and you can see the water coming down the side of the mountain on this waterfall, it’s really neat.

But everything down here is just absolutely stunningly beautiful to see. You can be down the road and the towns are like in valleys in between the mountains and you can be 20 miles away and still see another town, it’s just absolutely stunning around here. Beyond the, a couple of nights ago we were in the kitchen, and we have a bunch of cats and they were playing with something, and we went down to see what it was, and there was a two inch scorpion in our kitchen.

Lourdes: Oh my gosh!

Daniel: Yeah we don’t want that, but there’s these animals here called javelinas, they look like a small pig and they got tusks on em and they will attack people, and they come in packs. And we have mountain lions here, bobcats, we have coyotes, bears now I hear, they’re spotting bears in the mountains around here. But we like to just be out, I mean it’s so beautiful around here, everywhere you go there’s mountains everywhere. My wife just learned how to ride a motorcycle, my neighbor and I taught her and she got her license, and so my wife and I go on motorcycle rides and stuff. We just, that’s the type of thing that we enjoy. I’ve been riding bikes for like 20 years, way before I was this. I mean, I was this all along, I just didn’t know it, but I didn’t find out I was this until about 5 years ago, right before my 50th birthday.

Lourdes: Nice, so that sounds beautiful there, the waterfall that you guys saw. Sounds beautiful!

Daniel: It’s majestic. We really are in what I would call God’s country here. It’s just, except the best part about it is, we left Delaware where my wife was always cutting the grass and it would be 90 degrees outside with 83% humidity, and now it’s no humidity and there’s no grass to cut. [Laughs]

Lourdes: That’s nice. Do you guys get snow over there where you’re at?

Daniel: From what I hear, no, not very often. They had snow not this past January but the one before that, but they said they got snow for 2 or 3 days because the temperatures here never really get that low. We had snow on top of the mountains when we first got here back in December, but after that, by February or March it melted away, and by April it was 80 degrees, so yeah.

Lourdes: Nice, OK. So, now I’m at the part of my interview where I ask a surprise question.

Daniel: I love surprise questions! But when I do readings people give me a surprise question every time so I’m like eh.

Lourdes: So this one is, would you rather have all your clothes fit perfectly, or have the most comfortable pillow blanket and sheets in existence?

Daniel: I’ll take the pillow blanket and sheets.

Lourdes: Why?

Daniel: Because I don’t care what people think about what I wear. I’m just gonna wear my clothes the way I’m gonna wear them. And if you’re looking at me and judging me, I really don’t care, because as I always tell everyone, before you judge anyone, take a self-inventory of yourself and think about all the crap you got going on in your life, and then look at that person and go “I bet they’re going through some crap too,” and then bite your tongue and walk away. Cause we don’t have right to judge anyone. So my clothes are just gonna be on me whether people wanna look at me or not. But obviously somebody wanted to look at me, cause I got married a couple times. But yeah, I mean, I would rather be comfy sitting in a bed sleeping.

I don’t get much sleep because of this ability because spirits don’t know space and time so they’re always waking me up a lot, and so I don’t get a lot of sleep. I do try to take some of my melatonin gummies but it just doesn’t work out very well. But yeah, I would rather have the soft comfy pillows, nice and warm, cause I get cold really quick. But yeah, I would rather have that. The clothes, eh, it’s subjective, you’re gonna wear what you’re gonna wear, and I don’t feel like I have to wear certain clothes to be around certain people cause if I have to be around wearing certain clothes to be around certain people, I don’t wanna be around you.

Lourdes: That’s a great answer, who cares about the clothes, I totally agree, I totally agree! So yeah, Daniel, thank you so much for having my interview here with me today. I really appreciate you, and I can’t wait to check out your website and find out more about how I can listen to your other podcast. So, would you mind telling people how they can get a hold of you and your podcast and all that?

Daniel: Sure, absolutely. Well, if they wanna get a hold of me to book a reading or if they think they have this ability as well, usually they send me an e-mail and as soon as I see their name I get told whether or not they have this ability, but I’ll talk to them on the phone and try to help them with that. But they can find me at and they can book a reading there, it’s either in-person or we can do it over Zoom. If we do a reading, it’s $120 in person or $100 on Zoom. I know some mediums who are charging four or five-hundred bucks an hour, and yeah, I’m just not about that. And the reading is gonna last between two, two-and-a-half hours, and I know some people who charge you 10 minutes over an hour, so again, I’m not about that. So yeah, they can find my podcast, it’s called Beyond the Veil with Daniel Jackson (Me, I’m the host!), and that’s at and we have everything on there, spiritual, supernatural, metaphysical, health & wellness, tarot, UFO stuff.

I remember looking to find a name for it, we were gonna call it Beyond the Veil, but when I looked up that name, there was like 100 of them. And the very first one that came up was a website about reading Harry Potter books, whatever that’s supposed to mean, I don’t know. [Lourdes laughs] So that’s why I added my name into it, so it’s Beyond the Veil with Daniel Jackson. You can find that on Facebook, you can find that on YouTube, you can find that show on all the big podcast platforms like Stitcher and Spotify and Google, Apple, all that stuff. And then you can also find Spirit Medium Daniel also on YouTube as well, I used to do some videos teaching people about spirit, about the spirit realm and where you can find spirit and how you can connect with them and all that type of stuff. And then also, I have my new book out, it’s called Daniel Jackson: The New Beginning: My Awakening as a Spirit Medium. And this book I just wrote last year, and the reason I wrote the book is because spirit told me in a meditation that they wanted me to write this book. They showed me a picture of an older man writing something down, and then I said “Wow it looks like he’s writing something,” and then they showed me a picture of a piece of paper with my handwriting on it and I was like “What you want me to write a book?” And I got a yes. So, it didn’t happen till 4 years because life just does get in the way sometimes, but a lot of the stuff that happened throughout those 4 years ended up in the book, so it happened when it was supposed to. And the story is me and how this happened for me in chronological order, and then at the very end of the book there is 25 messages that are channeled messages from my archangels, these are messages from God of what He wants us to know so that we can help to better ourselves and each other, and try to basically get our shit together. But the message from the story is more or less not just for me, and if you’re going through this type of stuff like I did, but for anyone in this world that we’re not alone here. We’ve never been alone, we’re all in this all together all the time, and if you’re having anything in your life that you’re finding difficult to do, reach out and find some people, reach out and find your people, find your tribe. And especially with people like myself, if you’re having these things go on, if you can’t find anyone else, my website’s in the book, and you can reach out and talk to me and we’ll have a chat, cause I’m always willing to help as many people as I can. I mean, I make, the book sells for $8, I get $2 off of that book cause the rest of it goes to the kings and queens, Amazon.

But I would love to sell a million books. I’m not trying to make a million dollars, I’m just trying to help a million people, and if I can do that, then I’ll be happy. But I would love to help a lot more than that. But yeah,  Daniel Jackson: The New Beginning: My Awakening as a Spirit Medium, just put that in the search bar on Amazon, and you’ll be able to find it there, it’s $8, if you wanna get the Kindle version, it’s like $6.49, something like that. And then eventually, we’re gonna be doing a, my voice, an audio version of this book, I can’t wait to do that. Cause everyone who reads the book tells me that when they read it, it sounds like my voice is actually speaking it to them. So I would rather have my actual voice speaking to them. I can’t get some other actor to do it for me.

Lourdes: I agree. Alright, well thank you so much, and I’ll have all the information at I’ll have all your links to that too, so they can also contact you that way.

Daniel: Cool beans!

Lourdes: Alright, well thank you so much Daniel, it was such a pleasure!

Daniel: Thank you for having me on, I appreciate it! It’s too bad I only get to sit here and just look at your picture, although I don’t mind looking at your picture cause book shakalaka, y’know.

Lourdes: [Laughs] You’re funny. Well, thank you so much.

Daniel: Thank you, I appreciate it.

Lourdes: And join me next week, when I talk about breathing with purpose.


[Music outro]

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