Inspiring Others to Live an Abundant Life with Cynthia Concordia

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Cynthia was in an abusive relationship and learned how to live an abundant life. Now she shares her story on how she overcame her past and started enjoying her life again.


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The 8th Level Podcast is about being self-employed, entrepreneurship, and managing our online business. It’s also about connecting to our souls, having the right mindset, and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this show. Thank you for listening to this episode today!

Hello! My guest today is Cynthia. Cynthia felt a calling after she retired from working in the financial industry. She is now a certified life coach who wants to inspire others to become aware of creating an abundant life. She’s also an author, and published a book titled “My Journey Into Beginning.”

Lourdes: Welcome Cynthia, thank you for joining me today!

Cynthia: Thank you so much Lourdes for inviting me.

Lourdes: Yeah, so let’s get right ahead to the questions. Tell me, how do you attract abundance?

Cynthia: Abundance? Actually, when we hear about abundance, it always correlates with money. For me, abundance correlates with positive thinking, generosity, and with the belief that there is enough out there for everyone. For me it’s about loving and accepting yourself, with all your strengths and weaknesses. It’s about doing what you love doing, free from bondages, having that inner peace. It is about having true health, true friends, nature, good deeds, positive energy. That’s what you need so you may be able to do what you love to do, as living a prosperous and victorious life. So I don’t know if you’d like me to share for me, no? When I was in my dark bubble, I had like 7 tips which I used before, how to attract abundance. Would you like me to share those?

Lourdes: Yes, go ahead, please.

Cynthia: So, the first one was have an abundance consciousness. For me, this is becoming aware of the existence of plenty. Because I know, and we all know that we live in an abundant world with the human experience. And here, this opens our minds to see and recognize opportunities. So abundant thinking relies to a willingness to change our patterns of thoughts and make space for new ones. So, let go of the beliefs, and be open to new ideas! It’s all about our thoughts, so if you expect little, you get little.

The second one is be grateful. Always express gratitude for all that you have. Focus on the good and lessons you have learned from your experiences. For me, I always had this gratitude journal. It helps me, it really helps me. So every day I write down at least 10 things, what are the 10 things that you’re grateful for and proud of? And then celebrate.

And the third one is focus on your health and well-being. It makes a difference when we wake up in the morning feeling excited, right? So, how can we do this? Start your day with your daily routine. For me, it’s praying and thanking God for the blessings that I will be receiving for that day. And then after that, I go to the gym. I go to the gym every day, and then have that smile on your face.

The fourth one is surround yourself with people, and try to build meaningful relationships. Try to create a network of people who are aligned to your vision, values, and passion. Will be there to support you and celebrate your success. This will boost your confidence and increase your self worth.

And then the next one is create the most out of every opportunity.

Then the sixth one is create your vision. Actually, this is the first one that we should be, creating your vision. Because when you create your vision or discover your why, you are clear with what you would like to do in life. What can you offer to the world? So every action step you take gives you so much excitement, and makes you glow. Why? Because you know you are making a difference in this world. Helping people lead the life they love.

And the last one is appreciate life. Enjoy life, even if you’re not sure where this is taking you. So enjoy what you have, and be grateful for all the blessings. People with scarcity mindset wait for things to happen, and then react. But when you have an abundance mindset, you are creators, not reactors. That’s how I see abundance.

Lourdes: And I love the tips! So I have a question with some of the things you mentioned. You mentioned that you wrote in your journal, your gratitude journal, every single day. “I’m happy,” just basic things, right? How do you come up with 10? Are they different every day?

Cynthia: For every interaction, I’ve had the previous day recorded as well. So for example, I’ve attended my Zumba class. When I entered the class, they all shouted “Cynthia, nice to see you again!” For me, I’m grateful that they welcomed me on that particular class. Those are the small things that I am grateful for. So when I meet someone at the street and then I smile, and she smiles back at me, I’m grateful for that opportunity to give that smile and receive that smile.

Lourdes: So you write that in your journal?

Cynthia: Yeah.

Lourdes: Every little thing it seems, yes?

Cynthia: Every little thing. Actually the general, yes, those are general things, but then it’s going to get duplicate every day, no? So I’ll make it a point that every day, it’s not always the same. Whatever we do, it’s not always the same. Even here, at the end of the day I will write down what I’m grateful for, the interaction I’ve had with you. I’m grateful that Lourdes connected with me and invited me to be at her podcast. And for me that’s an opportunity for me to relay my message to the people, everyone who would listen to this podcast. So, because my mission is to spread my message, spread sunshine and happiness, so that’s it.

Lourdes: I like your mission. I noticed that –

Cynthia: It helped me when I was writing every day in my journal. What’s happening every day and so on. So it’s been a while, years, that I’ve been noting down what’s happening every day. And when I started my coaching, I always had this live videos. So all my live videos, the topic that I would always discuss really pertains to my life. Like for example, overcoming fear, surrounding yourself with people who lift you up who believe in you, how to forgive. And these were the steps that I need to take for me to rise up again.

Lourdes: How did you know when to take those steps though? How did they even exist in your mind, how did you know?

Cynthia: Afterward, those were the steps I took. Because when I was in my dark bubble, I told myself, I don’t know if I would like to live this kind of life. What will my life be if I’m stuck in this dark bubble? Will I be living my life to the fullest? Definitely not, definitely not. It was during that time when I had to make a decision, whether to choose light or stay in darkness. I asked myself, how can I be that light for others, despite the darkness I’ve gone through? You have to transform yourself. I have to change my mindset. I was afraid of being rejected, I was afraid of being judged, I was afraid that I was a failure as a mom and as a wife. I started working on my four domains. The health and well-being, I had to start on myself. My physical, my mental, my emotional, and spiritual. During that time, it was my relationship with God that made me stood up really and gave me strength. And because I was really praying so hard. Even my common friends, they blocked me, I stopped connected, I stopped interacting with them because of fear of being judged. I started going to Zumba, that’s how I got my positive energy. So these are the steps which I took so that when I tried transforming myself, had that confidence to interact with other people because I was getting that positive energy from the class, from the Zumba class, and I am able to transmit that positive energy to the people I meet so I could sense that there’s the start of connecting or building relationships was actually already there. And this built my confidence, I have built deeper and stronger relationships with the people I meet, especially with my children, with my mom, and siblings. And this gave me the confidence. And then after that, I was able to really manifest my dream, which is to send my son to school, which is the Culinary Institute of America. And before, there was a limited belief that I couldn’t afford sending him to that school, because I don’t have the money when my husband passed away. And then the time and money freedom after he graduated, suddenly money just came in for me to pay for his tuition fee, and it sustained until he graduated.

Lourdes: Lemme ask you this. If you don’t mind I interrupt you. So your self-limiting belief, you said you didn’t know how you can afford to pay for your son’s schooling because of self-limiting belief.

Cynthia: To freedom and to abundance.

Lourdes: How did you do that?

Cynthia: Could I give you a brief story, background, of what happened?

Lourdes: Yes, please! Share!

Cynthia: So I was married for 23 years. I have my children, my daughter is 31, and my son is 25 now. I was subjected to domestic abuse. It started when my daughter was only 5 months old, back in the Philippines. So I convinced my husband to move here because we only see each other on weekends. And at the end, whenever we see each other, we end up fighting, hoping when we move here, we will be building a stronger relationship as a couple and also to give our children better opportunities. However, it turned out to be the other way. He was on 2 restraining orders. The first one, I initiated it and he was given a 72-hour temporary restraining order. The second one when he was hitting my son, my daughter initiated a call and my son requested for a 2-year permanent restraining order. I was really hoping that after the restraining order we would be back together, because I love him. But after 4 months, he died of a massive cardiac arrest. This was the start. Now, my son asked me “Mommy, will I be going to college?” I asked him, where would you like to go? And then he asked me, “Mommy, is it okay to go to Culinary Institute of America?” That’s in Hyde Park, New York. And I’ve heard about this school because a lot of famous chefs graduated from this school. So when I tried researching on this, I was shocked about the tuition fee. I will share with you the tuition fees not because I’m bragging, but because I was able to manifest my dream. First year was $50,000. Second and third year were $60,000 each. Me being a single parent, a single earner, I didn’t have the money, and my salary at the World Bank was not even enough. $175,000, where will I get the money? I even applied for an educational loan, I got declined because that equity ratio was so high. I stopped applying, because the only thing that I can do for my son is to support him, to be proud of me. That was the time that I worked on the 4 domains of my life. My health and well-being, my love and relationships, my vocation, my purpose in life, and my time and money freedom.

Lourdes: Okay so lemme ask you. With your self-limiting beliefs, you were able to somehow make the money to afford to pay for your son’s schooling. So did you still work, you are a life coach too, right?

Cynthia: I’m now a life coach, after I retired.

Lourdes: Okay.

Cynthia: But if you’re going to ask me how I was able to get that money…

Lourdes: Yeah. We all wanna know!

Cynthia: [Laughs] Yes! Well, I’d been applying for an analyst position, I used to be a program assistant at the World Bank, and it’s been 7 years I’ve been applying to break that glass ceiling. And during that time, suddenly HR Department had this GE Readiness program. GE is the level for the analyst position. They asked for applications, so those were assistants who have this passion to go to the next level can apply. So I applied. Out of 850+ who applied, 25 were declared GE Ready. One day, an HR assistant connected with me asking me if I’m available for an interview. So I told them okay yes, I would love to be interviewed as GE Ready. I got that position. That’s one manifestation which came to me. And then I applied, someone advised me “why won’t you apply for grants and scholarships?” I didn’t know about these resources because I’m on a G-4, an employee of an international organization, so when he applied, we only paid $11,000 instead of $50,000. Those are the manifestations that came to my life. It was not given, the money was not given on a silver platter. But the people who connected with me, who gave me advice, those were the people who helped me.

Lourdes: That’s awesome story. So that’s how you were able to afford to send your son, who’s probably happy that he’s able to go the school that he wants to. Nice, nice. So, because you were a certified coach, and then you said you required, I’m assuming you’re doing certified coaching or life coaching full time now?

Cynthia: Yes.

Lourdes: So who is your ideal client?

Cynthia: My ideal clients are males and females from 25-65 years of age who are struggling with their blockages and limiting beliefs that stop them from living the life they love. Those are the people that they are – That’s dragging them, those limiting beliefs and blockages that stop them from moving forward to manifest their dreams.

Lourdes: Okay. And so, when you talk to them, how do you build trust with the prospect?

Cynthia: How do I build trust? Well, I give so much value whenever I engage with them. My vision is to serve and help. That’s always my focus. I share with them valuable insights that could help them solve their problems. So I try to provide them my lessons learned, and how they are able to look at life in a different perspective. Because most of the time whenever I talk to them, “Oh I didn’t know that I could see it in this view, in this perspective, in this lens.” So it’s just me asking them, what would you really love to do, to be, to have, to create, and to give, so that you’ll be able to have a more purposeful and meaningful life. And what’s keeping them really, or what’s stopping them from moving forward. Those are the blockages that they would share with me, and that’s when I would be able to share my insights based from what I have experienced in life. Though I cannot say that my tips or my insights are the best solutions, because we cannot compare ourselves to any other because your life journey is different from my life journey. Probably they could skip some steps, and then move forward.

Lourdes: Is there a client that you cannot help?

Cynthia: It is difficult to work with those who have a fixed mindset. I cannot help if they are not willing to be helped and usually they give a lot of excuses to just stay stuck in their current situation.

Lourdes: Why do you think that is?

Cynthia: Because of that fixed mindset. They would always say “I don’t have the money,” “I’m too old for this,” “I don’t have the educational background.” And they’re scared. They’re scared to take the risk. And for us, it’s all about fear. Going out of our comfort zone to take that risk. Because we’re always comfortable in staying where we all, the comfort [Audio cut out] so many things that would actually help you grow and thrive.

Lourdes: So tell me Cynthia, with someone life coaching with you, is it a program, is it a one-on-one meeting every week, how do you work with this?

Cynthia: It’s a 12-week program which can be done online, and I accompany it with a one-on-one coaching, 1 hour coaching. Every week, we will discuss about the essential principles of how to manifest your dream. For my one-on-one coaching, I want to apply these principles in their daily lives, make it a habit for them so we focus on the 4 secret steps on how to manifest your dream.

Lourdes: Are you working on anything new right now?

Cynthia: I’m focusing on my dream tries inner circle. This is a mastermind group that we meet each other every week, and we discuss topics based on the theme for that particular month. Like for example, this month we talk about health and well-being, so it’s more on the spiritual, because it will focus on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. So I have that inner circle. And this is a chance for each member in the community to really support one another and be of help. And then the other one is the podcast that I am doing. I also interview people to share their life story, at least to inspire others that hey, there’s really light at the end of the tunnel. Empower them that life is great. Really thinking about starting my second book.

Lourdes: Cynthia, what do you do to relax, unwind when you’re not working on your book, you’re not working with any clients, what do you like to do to relax and unwind?

Cynthia: I value human connections, so I always love to hang out with my children, my family and friends. So I would just, I would go to my Zumba and BODYPUMP class every day, and then I want to make sure that when I’m at the gym I am engaged. I chat with the people there. And then for me, for my self-reflection, I hike and I walk. There’s a lake near my area, so I would walk because sometimes I need to be with myself for some self-reflection. And I read books, listen to podcasts, I cook, I bake. And I want to travel, I love traveling. And the most important thing is I volunteer. I am also a mentor, a volunteer mentor. I joined the Be a Friend mentoring program here in Fairfax, Virginia. So we have an assigned mentee. I have a 10 year old girl that I am committed to help for 2 years.

Lourdes: It is at the time of my podcast where I ask you a funny or weird question. If you could only choose one piece of music to play every time you walk down the street, what would it be, and why?

Cynthia: It’s the Greatest Love Of All, because the song tells us that anyone and everyone has an inner beauty waiting to be unleashed. So this beauty is the beauty of loving oneself, and being confident in one’s beliefs and abilities.

Lourdes: Well, this was so fun! I appreciate you being here with me today, thank you so much. And can you tell our listeners how to get a hold of you?

Cynthia: They could get in touch with me through Facebook, just type in Cynthia Concordia. At LinkedIn, the same thing, Cynthia Concordia. And Instagram. And my website is That’s it.

Lourdes: Well thank you so much, and we’ll be in touch soon again!

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