Relationship Marketing and Social Media Whisperer with Guest Jeanette Y Martin

Episode # 39 – Show Notes:


Jeanette shows people how to take their “in-real-life” business skills and apply them to today’s online and social media world. She believes that when she has a solution or connection for someone it doesn’t do the world any good if she doesn’t make those connections for people.


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The 8th Level Podcast is about being self-employed, entrepreneurship, and managing our online business. It’s also about connecting to our souls, having the right mindset, and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this show. Thank you for listening to this episode today!

Lourdes: And Jeanette, welcome and thank you for joining me today!

Jeanette: Thank you so much for having me as a guest today!

Lourdes: So, my first question is, what made you decide to start this business?

Jeanette: Oh my goodness. Well, I started my company April 1st, 2014, no fooling. And the name of my company came about very organically to the why I wanted to start my company. And Lourdes, the name of my company is MYBC Consulting, which stands for the Move Your Bum Chum Consulting Company. And it’s like anything in life, we don’t get anywhere unless we move our bum, and I have had the amazing privilege in my years prior to 2014 when I turned 50 is when I started my company, to have been trained by the best.

I’ve worked for Staples and Starbucks and Reitmans and a high-end hardwood floor company, all with the core love of the customer service experience. And I was like, OK, you’ve been trained by the best, how can you serve? How can you serve this new knowledge up to your community to show them that it is about the customer first? And so I adopted a bunch of my learnings, and went OK, how are you gonna go serve the world now? So I wanted to help the small-box retailer and business owner with small box thinking, and that’s how I spent the first part of my career. So that’s one of the reasons why I wanted to start my business.

Lourdes: Interesting. So you work with small-box retailers too?

Jeanette: Yes I do. I have a number of my clients, I have a clothing store that I work with, and a notary, and a real estate agent that I work with, to name a few, as well as some associations locally in my community here. That I help them make sure that they are getting their true message out on social media.

Lourdes: So I like what I’m hearing. So you can help a bunch of different types of client with different backgrounds, because what you do is more generalized in a way that you can help everybody. But then, it has a purpose. So what is that purpose?

Jeanette: Well, the purpose is to always remember the humanity connected to the social media platform. There’s so many companies out there, companies, business owners, that the fear, and I use that term very loosely because I am not a fear-based person, that they have this fear of losing themselves on social media, so they don’t like to use it. And it’s like no, how about you flip it around, and remember the customer or new potential customer that is coming to the screen of the device that they’re using to find out about you? Remember me on this side of the screen, and it’s just like they walked into your place of business, and it’s like how would you treat them?

Lourdes: So how do they lose themselves? I mean, when you said that they are afraid of losing themselves, how do they lose themselves when they get on social media? I would think that they’re still being authentic, are they being, what is it?

Jeanette: It is that they are marketing themselves instead of market their “it” factor.

Lourdes: Oh, explain that to me.

Jeanette: Ok, so we all have this unique authenticity and genuineness and wholeness and our truth, and when we get onto social media, we think we have to be flash pan, and lights, and all the rest of this great stuff to get the attention out to the world. Well, how about flip that around and really understand what your “it” factor is in what you do, and educate people. I often say it’s an 80/20 rule when using social media. 80% of the time, we’re just educating. What do I do, what do you do underneath that roof or in your home office or whatever you do, and 20% of the time you go in with that soft sell, as I like to say. And that’s how, think about it –  Again I use the analogy, I’m one year away from being 59, oh no one year away from being 60 I should say. And I teach and I learn and I share, imagine that that thing was happening right in front of you. Mirror that on your social media. Think of that person who’s coming into your 4 walls, and how would you behave?

And it’s like, “oh, okay, so I can put that out!” And I’m like yes! I was just with a client yesterday morning, it’s a golf course that I work with. And I’m walking around, and we took the golf cart out, and we’re like “That! That you could show us! Oh my gosh, that’s amazing! I’ve never seen that on your profile! Oh my gosh, connect that story to this!” And just remembering, it’s what I want to consume on this side of the screen, not what you want to market to me. I hope that makes sense.

Lourdes: That makes really good sense. So, how long do you typically work with a client? Like for example, the client you had and were working with yesterday.

Jeanette: That client came to me because I also teach social media at a local Fraser Valley Continuing Education Center here in Langley in British Columbia, Canada, where I live. And the sales-marketing person took some of my classes, and then they’ve since hired me to train their in-house social media marketing team. And that customer I’ve been with now for about 3 months, they’re on a little bit of a contract. And I have something called the Business Relationships Strategies packages. And they’ve hired me for a couple hours a month to come in and work with them and connect their story authentically and help the person share it out to their communities. So that particular customer, like I said, about 3 months now. We have one more month left on our contract, but I’m sure it’s going to get renewed.

Lourdes: Got it. So do you do the work to connect it to their social media profile, or are they doing the work and you’re just giving them ideas and strategies?

Jeanette: Certain customers I’m a pure consultancy, which I go in and give them strategies and go over the analytics and things like that with them. There are other clients that I have, that I do the whole content marketing strategy, “It” factor for them on a daily or weekly basis as well. I love what you said at the beginning, but I can help a lot. My background is, I went to school to become a chef. And worked in the restaurant business back in 1983, 84? Went to culinary school. And the whole thought process when I put my company together was how can I be à la carte to meet the customer? Instead of being this “marketing” company, which I’m not, I’m more a consultancy company, then I could hear their story and then à la carte serve them up something that would help their business. And that makes them feel special, cause it’s put together just for them. And it helps me because it makes me feel special, because I can create something from my skills and abilities to be able to serve up their story in their way, that they wanna share it out to the world.

Lourdes: Oh I like that menu. [Laughs] It’s a nice cute little menu analogy. So you also mentioned business relationship marketing, what is that?

Jeanette: At its core, every business should understand that it’s the relationships that are in your life that we have to make sure that we are taking care of, and putting a loving on. And I have a little program that I use, I’m not sure Lourdes if you’ve ever heard of it, it’s called SendOutCards. And it’s a way that I can send out greeting cards, thank you cards, heartfelt cards, to make people feel special. And relationship marketing is all about building that. If we take a look at within that word, “relationship,” it’s got the word “ship” in it. It’s building that ship, putting the captain in place, putting the person that drives the keel. Building that ship together, with different touch points in order for that person to feel value, to feel worthy, to feel like “Wow Jeanette, you really are taking care of me!” Where there could be just a business that is not a client of mine, but I value them being in my community, I value that association how they’re giving back and taking care of my community.

Last week for one of my clients, I was at a charity golf tournament. And I was working a fun little game at the hole that they had sponsored. And it was for the Gateway of Hope, which is the Salvation Army here in town where I live, it was their big annual fundraiser, and I took a fun picture with the executive director, and I sent him a thank you card for allowing us to be there. That’s relationship marketing. That’s taking it to the next level, and making sure people are appreciated. So, that’s relationship marketing.

Lourdes: Got it, so you’re always staying connected. It’s almost like nurturing your clients?

Jeanette: Yes! Nurturing everyone! Everyone is your relationship! I often call it, when I’m teaching, the power of your 5-5-5. That is the basis of relationship marketing. Who are the 5 family members that love and adore you on a daily basis? I’m sure Lourdes, when you get together with the family and the ones that keep you engaged, and they’re just keeping the conversation going, and you just keep going, it’s like “No I don’t wanna go home!” And it’s like, how can you mirror that relationship on your social media? OK, so bring them into the conversation because every time that you mention somebody else’s name, and then the comment boxes are going back and forth, you’re building your visibility and credibility.

Who are your 5 business associates, team members, people in your organization that when you get together in reality that you are putting the loving on each other, really engaged, really having a great conversation? Well, if you’ve got something to share about that team or organization that you’re working with and you bring them into the post, take them into the post, you continue your conversation again in the comment box, you’re going to gain that visibility. And who are the 5 businesses that you love and adore, either they’re your clients or you’re a client of theirs, that you can make sure that either A you’re sending them a card, B tag them into great customer service that you’ve had with them. That’s the power of that whole relationship marketing piece. It’s everyone, you can’t single out anybody these days, cause you gotta keep building those ships so you can put a bunch of relations in them.

Lourdes: Ok, so I have two questions while you were mentioning all that. One, is there a difference between social media marketing and relationship marketing? And two, send out cards, that’s a physical card you send out, right? So, is it okay to send them a digital card, cause I think there’s digital greeting card services out there too.

Jeanette: To the first question, I would say the difference between social media marketing is where you are thinking more of yourself versus your client. Social media marketing you’ve got to put a plan in place, I would rather people it social connection marketing. I’m gonna put up a petition one of these days going “Can we change it to social connection versus social media?” And to your second question, absolutely! When we think about any great business book that is out there, or relationship book that is out there with just human relationships, in order to build a deep genuine caring relationship, they say we go through 7-10 different touch points.

Whether it’s a nice little phone call, whether it’s a nice little letter in the mail, whether it’s a nice little e-mail, whether it’s a digital card, it’s a nice little text message, tagging them into a post, mentioning them on your social media platforms, giving them a shout-out, that’s all relationship marketing. That’s all you’re putting the name of somebody else across your lips so again, I loop it back to them feeling appreciated. So think of the different modalities. I picked up the SendOutCards platform in 2019 as a business, going “Y’know, I’m missing that kinesthetic approach because hm, I’ve tagged that business into a post giving them a shoutout, I have sent them a direct message or a text message. I’m not getting anywhere. Hm, maybe that business is a kinetic learner.

Maybe I need to put something physically in their hand, a touch point.” Think of the action of opening up the piece of mail and looking at the card and flipping it over. And hm. I have to tell you Lourdes, it has worked magic for me in the world. I get people that send me pictures all the time or little messages, “Thank you so much, your card arrived just the right time!” And I value my relationships more than I value social media, let’s put it that way.

Lourdes: Yeah, I agree with that. So you’re located in Canada, and I know you help retail box owners and other business owners. Are you limited to just helping the people in Canada?

Jeanette: Absolutely not! I have clients all over the world, any English speaking. I’m not adverse to, I have a couple of friends that speak other languages. So bringing on and hiring that person that speaks Spanish or French and have them in the room to translate. When you wanna build a relationship, I will not stand in your way. I will find out and help facilitate that. As well as this coming September, I am teaching at Indiana University Northwest, out of Gary, Indiana. They have picked up 7 of my social media classes for their university, and I am super excited to take my knowledge and my classes down to the United States. I have taught some classes in Australia. I’m not averse to travel. And also, in physical reality, back in the day, I’ve been to 40 countries in 5 continents, and I have made some incredible real-life human beings, I could pinch them, relationships, that I make sure I honor on a daily basis. Again, mirroring what I do in my reality to my social media to make people feel special.

Lourdes: That’s so cool! So tell me, what do most people come to you for?

Jeanette: They come to me because they see how I’m behaving on social media, and they wanna behave the same way. Because I’m getting results, I’m getting results that people are just like “Oh my gosh Jeanette, how do you do that?” That was the advent, when I started my company, like I said, back in April 2014, I decided to be a consultancy company. And at that time, one of my first clients was more of a commission-based, it was a specialty hardwood floor coming out of Europe. And I was going out, and I was doing it, and I was making sure that people were educated and aware. And some of my friends, my close friends were watching me, and they said “Hey, I love what you’re doing there, could you teach me?” And Lourdes, that was the advent of the system that I came up with. I’m like oh, I could teach this? What would I charge? Y’know, you kinda as a business person go through time and space and expertise, and that was the advent of what I call my LIFT[ING] Up System, that I created for myself first of all, so I could understand how I was going to utilize the social media platforms. And LIFT[ING] Up stands for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and when you’re on my LinkedIn profile you’ll see the [ING] is in brackets.

And it’s because the LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are still kinda the big ones that are out there. They’re tools. And that’s something else, they’re tools. And unless we put an action behind any tool that we have in our life, it doesn’t work! So the [ING], and that’s why it’s in brackets, is you’re the one that’s responsible for putting the action. Which the I stands for your Intentions. If anything in this last two-and-a-half years we’ve really felt is when we felt manipulated or coerced or led down a garden path because the intentions weren’t pure of the person and/or the business and/or the information. The N stands for your Network, so super-duper important! How are you bringing in your networks in order to get awareness, build visibility, credibility? And the last one is the G, and that’s your Goals, and your client’s goals and your community goals. And the more that we are lifting up the world, the world will lift us up as well.

So that’s what I teach, and people were seeing what I was doing and went “Can you lift me up Jeanette? Can you lift up my business? Can you teach me how I can lift up people in my world?” And so that’s what I teach, and that’s what I mirror. And businesses that come along with me, and that’s how I OK, so what do you want to accomplish on LinkedIn? On that tool? Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. These are our tools. Now, let’s get intentional with how you’re gonna use em. Let’s bring in your networks, what goals do you wanna get in life? And that’s what I teach.

Lourdes: Cool, so, I was just about to ask you what the LIFT[ING] was, thank you for bringing that up to us. So, quick question, do they have to use all 4 of those platforms? Can they just use one or two?

Jeanette: Oh, absolutely! And that is a beautiful question, Lourdes! Think about even in our reality, are you everywhere to every place to everyone?

Both: No.

Jeanette: Some days, we wish there was such a thing as a cloning machine. It’s just not happened yet. And good lord, if there’s another Jeanette on this planet? Well, it’d be a good thing cause I’m all about kindness, compassion, love, and acceptance, so that would be a good clone. But thank goodness there’s only one Jeanette out there in the world. Is thinking about where you like to connect with people. So if you’re a high business person and your story has got a lot of moving parts, you’ve got a lot of high education to get your who you’re all about out there. So, your authentic story. Well, and if there’s a lot of stats and facts and figures and all the rest of that good stuff, then maybe LinkedIn is where you need to build your relationships, share your story. If your business is very visual and it’s beautiful and stuff like that, you may want to spend more time on Instagram. If your business is, like I say about Facebook, warm and squishy.

So, because Facebook is very high emotionally driven, if you’ve got a product or service that’s very high emotionally driven, maybe that’s where you wanna spend the time to develop those relationships and that following. And Twitter if your business is, I like to say Twitter is that highlight, like headliners, and you need to direct people back to a buying site or a booking site or information, maybe you wanna spend more time on Twitter. And it’s going to be felt that if you’re all places to everyone, isn’t it true that in reality people will look at you and go “Oh my gosh Jeanette, you’re everywhere, you’re just like everywhere.” And the world sees you as scattered, or likes to thrive in chaos. Well, no I don’t. I like to thrive in chosen places. So spend that time where you are able to authentically deliver your message to the audience who wants to consume it. Therein lies where your success will be.

Lourdes: And where are you at in this?

Jeanette: I am on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. I’m playing a little bit on TikTok just for some fun. And that’s basically, and there’s some other platforms that are out there like Alignable. I could almost change my program now to ALIFT[ING] Up. That’s basically, I love and adore those ones. To me they still are the big ones.

Lourdes: Have you heard of Clubhouse, and if you have, what do you think of it?

Jeanette: Oh, yes I am! The auditory learning that you get to… First of all, people share what their profile is on there, most times their fun little profile picture there. What I love about Clubhouse is that opportunity, much like a podcast, where it’s voice only, where you can hear inflection. You can naturally hear that person’s voice or sentence rise at the end. Or you can almost feel like they’re kinda back in their seat, and they’re really not engaged. I’m sure you feel like that when you, y’know, before we started recording, you’re like “Oh my gosh Jeanette I love your energy!” Well, did you see me bouncing around in my chair on this side of the screen? No, you could feel it in the voice, in the inflection, and in choice of words. So I like that it takes the imagery out of it, but it to me, cause God gave us two ears, cements a twice as deep knowledge about that person. So yeah, I love Clubhouse.

Lourdes: So, what if a prospect connects with you and they are in South America, Australia, how do you deal with them and the timezone?

Jeanette: South America I’ve had a really beautiful conversation with a relatively new connection in Brazil, and we were close in timezone because going all the way down to Antarctica, we’re both the same kinda time zone. I’m not adverse, I am a single lady, I have no kids, no pets, I have been known to wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning to be able to serve. I was on a podcast on health & wellness, no, event, a couple months back, and it was based out of South Africa, and our meeting was at 5 o’clock in the morning. So it’s like, I got up. I wanna show up when I get asked to show up. I was asked, like, oh my gosh, just sit back and think about that like this. I was asked to be part of this event, and it’s like girl, you go show up and you up that show when you arrive!

Lourdes: [Laughs] I like it. So, what advice would you give a new business owner on how to deal with people on social media, or to start building relationship marketing?

Jeanette: I would… First of all, contact me! [Both laugh] Because I do a very unique free thing for everybody. And since 2014 I’ve probably done… I’m not uttering a word of a lie and my nose growing like Pinocchio, 600-700 of these things called the W5 Story. And this is what I did for myself way back when. Like OK, it’s called your W5 Story, your Who, your What, your Where, your When, and your Why. And it’s because I had built such a beautiful reality, Lourdes, out there in the world, it’s like how am I going to educate people with what my sphere of reality knows on social media? So, getting really clear, any business owner is understand the different Who-hats that you wear in your life and in business, and then underneath each one I have this little fun slide that we could go through, it takes about 45 minutes, and building that story underneath each one of them. So you have a beautiful framework on how you’re gonna utilize social media so you don’t lose yourself.

And it’s been really powerful, and it’s been beautiful to watch. Like, the client I was just talking about, the golf course, I sent a message yesterday, I mentioned something about getting your followers to work for you. Meaning when they’re having a good time and they promote while they’re there, that’s like magic. That’s like, the best ever. And she came back to me and said “Jeanette, I look so forward to building our platform organically.” Well how are they gonna do it? Cause they’re gonna continue to share the different Who-hats that that golf course wears, and therefore you’re going to feel comfortable cause it’s like “Y’know what? Yeah, that’s what I do, that’s what I do, that’s what I do, that’s how I serve, that’s my cool product.” Is get really clear on what you’re gonna communicate out there. And also, understand the social media platforms, the various ones, know what to expect from them in the way of followers, engagement, conversation.

Cause when you then give it over to somebody like me to do the content marketing for you, or any marketing company, you know what to inspect. That is the biggest disconnect that I find with small business owners. They find and hire somebody in social media to do all their content marketing, and 6 months down the road they’re like “Why am I not getting any business?” And it’s because they didn’t understand the “why” of these platforms, and how powerful that they can use to build relationships first before you market. Before you ask for the sale. You gotta know what to inspect of people that you hire. Know what to inspect in your accountant. How is that person gonna help you? How is that person that’s gonna stock your shelves help you? Know what to inspect because you know what to expect.

Lourdes: So then, do you come up with those questions? Or what if the business owner is confused and they don’t know?

Jeanette: It’s a fun little slide deck that I do. So first of all, I send them a blank worksheet, and then throughout the slide deck that we go through, I come up with the questions. So, what Who-hats do you wear? And I define what a Who-hat is. So somebody like me, I am a business owner, I’m a community wellness hear, I’m an avid reader, I’m a traveler, so those are the various Who-hats that I wear. And then underneath, I go now when you’re in the Who-hat, what are you physically doing? Ok great, you’re physically doing that, so where are you doing it? Physically where are you doing it? And at what moment do you do that? And then why could you share that out to the world? And it’s really powerful because it’s like “Oh, OK great! Yup yup yup yup yup!” And then there’s methodology at the end that I teach, that every day when you look at your calendar, much like today.

Before we started, I said “Hey I gave you a little shout-out on Instagram.” That was a When moment that I identified today that I could put out to the world that I am one of the Who-hats I’m wearing today is a podcast guest on the 8th Level Podcast. So it’s understanding those great When moments, and it helps in pre-planning as well. That “Hey, today I’m gonna be stocking the shelves to do my new funky coffee mug.” That’s a When moment, I’m gonna remember to start taking pictures or to share about it or to create a little video about it, very authentically.

Lourdes: Wow, wow. That sounds really good. So, moving on to my next question, what do you do to relax or de-stress?

Jeanette: I love to volunteer.

Lourdes: That relaxes you?

Jeanette: It relaxes me because when you’re around like-minded individuals, that’s how you recharge your batteries. This past Saturday night, I’m a director on the board for the Fort Langley Jazz & Arts Festival for the 5th year, going into my 6th year. And on Saturday night, we had our volunteer BBQ, where a good portion of our volunteers that we gather them together to say “thank you for helping us over our 4-day festival.” And to be in the room of like-minded people who give, who love jazz, who love the arts and artwork, and the Fort Langley Lions Club made them dinner for us. And just to sit in community of like-minded people is magical in my world. That jazzes me up, pardon the pun there! And I love to go to art galleries, and I love to go to music festivals, take a Sunday drive, stop in nature. I’m blessed to live about 7 kilometers south of Vancouver, right near the US-Canadian border. I live in the forest. So just getting out in nature. Cooking. Yeah, that’s how I recharge my batteries.

Lourdes: They all sound so fun! Anything artsy I love too. So, it’s about time I ask you these funny question or a surprise question. So, what is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever worn?

Jeanette: A couple of times… [Both laugh] I’ll have to say clown costumes. It was kind of my default costume growing up as a kid, and my dad had one of his friends who had this amazing clown costume made out of old flannel bed sheets, and it was just fantastic. You know when you’re young and you just think you look so cute and all the rest of that jazz? Well that costume fit for a while, and I modified it a couple of times. And at certain times I showed up in that clown costume, because to me it fit my personality, it was not appropriate for the event. [Laughing] So I would have to say that is the most, at times, inappropriate or embarrassing thing that I’ve ever wore. Other than that, I don’t take a lot of stock in clothing, other than please come dressed. I make sure I’m washed, dried, pressed, looking good when I show up in this world. But I would say the various clown costumes that I’ve worn in my life.

Lourdes: Oh, we gotta find a picture of that! Did you post any of that?

Jeanette: Oh Lourdes, if you want it, I have one when I was 15 years old, and it’s a printed photo in my memory box that I sometimes go back to and go “Girl, the costume’s cute but the face make-up just doesn’t cut it!”

Lourdes: That’s hilarious! Well, Jeanette, how can our listeners find and connect with you?

Jeanette: Well, they can go to, that’s my website, as well as go over to my website as well, I own both domains. I am on LinkedIn under Jeanette (Harvey) Martin on LinkedIn. My business page is on LinkedIn, MYBC Consulting. I’m definitely on Instagram, MYBC Consulting. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok. I’m MoveYourBumChum on TikTok. That’s how they can find me.

You know what? Ask Mr. Google. Because that’s something when I teach all business owners as well as, I’ve worked for a couple of politicians in my area. And you should be able to type into Mr. Google, or Professor Google, or Dr. Google at times, your name. And type my name into Google, and you will find me at all different positive places around the world. And one of the things that I wanted to wrap this up with is I am the creator and co-founder of the world’s only gratitude and appreciate summits. We have our third summit coming up on November the 19th, it is an online event, and you’ll be able to see that about me as well. I’m all about gratitude and appreciation in this world.

Lourdes: Can you provide me that link so I can put it in the show notes?

Jeanette: Absolutely, 100%. And that’s at  is our website.

Lourdes: Great. Well, thank you so much for being my guest today. Man, you are full of energy, I love your energy, I feel the energy, and I am so happy to have you as my guest today!

Jeanette: Thank you for this incredible opportunity to share about me and my community today, I truly appreciate it!

Lourdes: Sounds good. Alright, take care!

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