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We breathe in and out and it comes naturally to us.  But what if you use your breath intentionally that helps with your wellness and health?  There are many scientific research on using the power of your breath.


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The 8th Level Podcast is about being self-employed, entrepreneurship, and managing our online business. It’s also about connecting to our souls, having the right mindset, and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this show. Thank you for listening to this episode today!

I just finished my breathing practice certification class! So now I am also a certified breath coach! You might think that breathing is weird, that you need a breath coach? Well, lemme ask you this. Have you ever thought about how many times you blink your eyes? Probably not. I bet we don’t even think about our breathing either, right? It just happens! What I’m gonna be talking about today is breathing. I know it’s weird, right? Learning to breathe? Well, think about this. Divers and people who snorkel control their breathing. Divers especially, learn how to manage their breathing in order to be able to dive deep in the oceans. Guess what? Singers too!

They learn when to inhale and how to use their voice to slowly exhale and make beautiful singing voices. Speakers think about when to breathe in and when to exhale so they don’t run out of air in the middle of a word or sentence. I am a member of a Toastmasters Club, and I know that I have to time my speech so that it sounds good, and it’s not stopping in the middle of a word when I’m gasping for air or anything like that. So it’s kinda neat to learn how to breathe correctly as a speaker.

What about in our regular daily lives? Well, we automate our breathing when we eat and drink. One of the times we don’t have control is when we are crying and full of emotions. And then we breathe like this. [Mimicking crying]. You notice how I was gasping for air? Because when you lose control of your emotions, especially when you’re crying, you run out of air. So this is why we have uncontrollable gasp in between.

Using your breath with a purpose can help with reducing stress, slows your heart rate, calms anxiety, improves sleep, aids in digestion, and more. Well, is there a science behind breathwork? You bet there is! There are many studies on the effects of doing breathwork. You can Google it. I will also include some resources in the shownotes.

Breathing techniques are instantaneous. So it’s instant gratification! And if you practice the techniques for 3 or 4 weeks, you will see improvement with your stress levels, endurance, anxiety, and more! When I did a speech a month ago at my Toastmasters club, I was so nervous! Right before it was my turn to speak, I was sitting in my chair doing water breathing technique. I inhaled and exhaled to calm my nerves, and no one even knew what I was doing. When it was finally my turn to go up on stage, I felt less nervous. I started off really well. So there are different breathing techniques, and they are coffee, water, and whiskey breath. And, I’m sorry, I did not name these techniques, they’re pretty popularly named like this, so I’m just keeping it for now, so I apologize if I offend anyone with the whiskey or coffee names in there. Let’s move on.

So you can remember coffee, water, and whiskey breath this way. Coffee breath is used in the morning, or right before you have a big exercise. It’s a very intense breathing form that uses a forceful exhale, and at times a forceful inhale.

The next one is water breath. Just like water, you can use this breathing technique any time, day and night. If you need a quick pick-me-up, you know, like right after lunch or afternoon when we feel sluggish, use this water breathing technique to pick you up.

And the last one is a whiskey breath. Just like some people have an evening drink to relax or unwind, this is called whiskey breath. Again, I did not come up with this name. You use this technique in the evening, while in bed, or right before bedtime.

So what position do we use for coffee, water, or whiskey breath breathing techniques? Do we sit or stand? You can sit on the floor like in a lotus position, but make sure your knees are the same level as your hips. Or if you prefer, you can just sit down in a chair, or a stool, or a couch. Try not to slouch, but sit up straight and in a relaxed manner.

So today, I will demonstrate a water technique. And before I forget, water breath, or sometimes referred to as balanced breathing technique, also helps with high level stress, such as going in a meeting or speaking in public. And when you do an inhale and an exhale, that is considered one whole round. Ready? And inhale… 1… 2… 3… 4. Exhale, 4… 3… 2… and 1… I will make an inhale noise, I will go ahead an inhale with a count of 4, I’ll snap my fingers, and exhale with a snap of my fingers 4 count. Okay? I’m ready now, and I’m gonna go ahead and inhale. [Inhales, snaps fingers 4 times.] Exhale. [Exhales, snaps fingers 4 times.] Inhale.[Inhales, snaps fingers 4 times.] Exhale. [Exhales, snaps fingers 4 times.] [Inhales, snaps fingers 4 times.] [Exhales, snaps fingers 4 times.]

Okay? I hope you were able to hear that. So, what does that do? Again, with the 4×4 count, which is an inhale of 4 count, exhale 4 count, it’s a relaxation, or it could be a pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon. If you’re interested in getting a free discovery class of breathing techniques, please click on the shownotes, and I will go ahead and post a link in there for you to go ahead and schedule in my calendar a quick discovery call with me, and I’m looking forward to meeting you!

And join me next week, when I interview an intuitive business strategist and many mindset mentor. She helps female coaches balance strategy and mindset while building the foundations of their talents.

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