Gloria Hass

Episode # 35. Show Notes:

Gloria was born with natural gifts and able to perform remote viewing.  She also has the ability to speak to the “other side” as a medium.  She has worked with law enforcement to help solve issues by providing them forensic visionary assistance.


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The 8th Level Podcast is about being self-employed, entrepreneurship, and managing our online business. It’s also about connecting to our souls, having the right mindset, and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this show. Thank you for listening to this episode today!

Lourdes: Gloria, thank you so much for joining me on my podcast today! How are you?

Gloria: Thank you for having me, I’m doing pretty good!

Lourdes: Oh, great! So, since you are a remote viewer, I was telling a friend of mine that I was interviewing you this week, and she asked “What is that?” So, she’s never heard of a remote viewer before, so can you explain what a remote viewer is?

Gloria: Yes. A remote viewer is a, without the use of technology, it’s through a gift that some people develop, but I’ve had mine since I was born, where I can see things where I’m not physically at. Like, I can see inside somebody’s home, or I can see what they’re doing, or I can even see in the supernatural remotely.

Lourdes: That is so weird. Do you need to know the person, or if it’s like somebody you just met at a meeting and you go home and wonder about that person, do you go and do a remote viewing?

Gloria: I don’t actually, I don’t do remote viewing on people because I’ve had it happen to me, and it’s very invasive. It’s intrusive, you’re invading somebody’s privacy. But I have used it – I was 4 when I first did remote viewing, and then I could just see things far away. My dad was looking at me like, “I don’t see it.” But when we got there, everything I said was where it was. But I remember – And that was, I don’t remember if I’ve used it since then, because it’s been like second nature. So I remember in my forties being in a chatroom, the old fashioned chatrooms that we had, way back when, about 20-some odd years ago. And I was in a chatroom meeting people, and I met this woman and her boyfriend, and she lived in the United States, and he lived abroad. And one night, when he hadn’t been feeling good, and she said “Lately he says he hasn’t been feeling good, but because we’ve never physically met, I’m just wondering if he’s on the up-and-up.” So I said sure, and I went without even any thought of it, I just thought of his name, and I saw him. I was actually in his bedroom, and he was sleeping, I’m glad he had a sheet draped over him, and I told her, I typed in I said he’s there and he’s sleeping, this is how he looked. So the next night she asked him, she said “You weren’t sleeping with any clothes on last night, were you?” And he said “No I had a sheet draped over me.” [Laughs]

Lourdes: Oh my gosh!

Gloria: And she described where he was, and he goes “I know you don’t remote view, who was in my room?” [Both laugh]

Lourdes: Woah! That’s hilarious! Oh my gosh!

Gloria: It is for us. And then that night I heard my name “Gloria,” and I looked up and there was his face, and I just like, supernaturally pushed it out, slammed the door, and said okay. So then, he’s telling her what happened, her and I had each other’s phone number, and that’s before cell phone numbers, we still had long distance calls. And so her and I were talking, and she was laughing like yeah he said this, and I said “Is he gonna be in the chatroom later?” And she said yes, and we got in there and he and I agreed that we wouldn’t do that any more to each other.

Lourdes: [Laughs] That’s weird, so he’s also a remote viewer?

Gloria: Yes, he was.

Lourdes: Now do you, quickly, I wanna focus on you, but was he born with that gift, or did he develop it somehow?

Gloria: I don’t know. I really don’t know. I knew that he had some other abilities, but I don’t know if they were trained or if they natural born. We never got into that discussion with him years ago.

Lourdes: Okay. So now, I wanted to ask you, since you also are self-employed as a forensic visionary, what is that?

Gloria: That is, forensic deals with people who have already died, and helping locate their remains. Some people are called evidentiary visionaries or evidentiary psychics. But that could be in any type, some people that usually goes along with medical when they said evidentiary, but I work with – I worked on a couple of cold cases and missing persons. And what I found was, where the young – How the person, in the spirit realm, I go into the spirit realm, and I talk with, and I call on the spirit of the person who has died, and I talk with them, and then I start and I ask them how did you die and I just ask out, okay how did so-and-so die. And then I start picking up visions and everything, and then that’s leading around to their death, I can find out how they had died, sometimes where they’re buried, and the manner of how they were killed. So I just work strictly with just the police and helping families about surrounding the death of a loved one.

Lourdes: Oh man, that sounds rough, rough. So you see the visions, and I’m sure they’re not pretty, do you also feel the pain or anything like that that the deceased person had gone through?

Gloria: No I don’t.

Lourdes: Oh that’s good.

Gloria: Yes. But the interesting part is when I do a general reading, if I start feeling something in my throat, I can tell the person “Are you having problems with your throat?” Or if I start experiencing breathing issues, they may have emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, COPD, I can start feeling their pains and saying you have an issue with your right shoulder or left shoulder, and some stuff like that. I just don’t pick that up through the spiritual realm.

Lourdes: Mhm. And so then, how do the clients find you to do forensic work, or investigative work?

Gloria: Actually, I have found them. And it’s really interesting how I found the first cold case I worked on ever, which was a few years ago. I heard “Go onto Facebook,” and I went onto Facebook, which I didn’t have any plans on doing. So I went onto Facebook, and in the friends feed was a missing relative that had been missing for over 30 years. And then I started seeing visions just from looking at her pictures, and I called the police and worked with them on the case.

Lourdes: Wow!

Gloria: I know, and this is even wilder! In March of this year, I started receiving visions. I’m standing in my kitchen, and this is the first time I’ve ever had a spirit drape themselves over my physical body. It was almost as if, you know like where you see in these movies where a spirit will overtake somebody, and they’re channeling. Well, this similar experience. And I was cooking with ground beef, and all of a sudden, her spirit took my right hand, and she said “This is the way that I cut meat.”

Lourdes: Oh my gosh.

Gloria: And I’m just like, okaaay. [Both laugh] And I did my best not to freak out, because then it’ll push her away, and then she won’t, she’s having a trust issue. Anyway, so it seemed like every week I was having visions about her. I saw her killer, and actually, I first thought who was her killer was actually an accomplice, and I didn’t see her killer’s face until I’m sitting on the couch, just staring straight ahead, just emptying my mind to relax, and then all of a sudden he shows up like I had a laptop in front of me, only I didn’t have a laptop. And I looked at him and I said “Who are you?” And he held a picture up of the woman he had killed, who was the spirit who had come to see me, and he said “How do you like my masterpiece?”

Lourdes: Woah.

Gloria: Mhm.

Lourdes: Oh my gosh.

Gloria: Through a series of events that were really abstract, I ended up finding her cousin. I was on the phone with her and told her everything, and then saw a picture of a person who was a suspect, I said “That’s him,” and then I described the suspect, and she said that’s so-and-so and his accomplice, and she said that is so-and-so.

Lourdes: That’s wild! So they’re coming to you, like these spirits.

Gloria: Yes. [Laughs] I used to, when I did general readings, and I enjoy doing general readings, I would go into business groups on Facebook and find people who then said that they wanted readings. Well, when I first started doing the visionary work, I stopped doing – with the police, I completely stopped doing my readings because the visions were starting to overlap, and I didn’t know what was going on. And now, I’m able to keep them separate, most of the time. Every once in a while, I get a lot of visions, sometimes two or three a day that don’t relate to anything that I’m aware of, and unless it’s a personal vision, and then I know it is. So I was just having this weird stuff going on, I even asked a police officer does this make sense, he said “No it doesn’t. I’m not on either one of the cases you’re working on.” I said okay.

Lourdes: Wow.

Gloria: So always some more abstract vision will come around when I’m working on a cold case or a missing person.

Lourdes: Okay. So you had remote viewing gifts since you were about 4, and then what made you decide to go into forensic visioning?

Gloria: I was called to do it, it came to me. And then, it went really what blew my mind, was the fact that I knew things about the case that were never publicly disclosed. I would like to do part of it on my podcast, but I am unable to unless I know the details that have been publicly disclosed, and those that had not been disclosed. There is one that I’m going to be able to put up on one of my podcasts, because I have spoken with the family. I won’t be using the person’s name, they’ve asked not to because it is an open investigation, and this is very heartbreaking for the family, but I can go ahead and create a scenario about it without using the person’s name.

Lourdes: That’s exciting, in a way. I wanna hear that one when you publish it! So, as a remote viewer, and you have other gifts, can you tell me, can you travel back and forth in time?

Gloria: I know I can see back and forth in time, and I know that I have traveled a day – I remember being translated for an entire week. If one day to me, I was in Africa, and I saw a different series of events, and come to find out the three days I thought I was there was an entire week. So you can say I did travel forward in time, but I didn’t do it consciously. And another time, I went to sleep and I was in China, and I didn’t know at the time that I was, I just thought I was having a nice dream where I was preaching under this beautiful tree, until people came up to me on the street in northern Arizona, and they were a Chinese couple and they said we so enjoyed when you were in China. And I’m looking at them going I was never in China. [Laughs]

Lourdes: Are you serious? Oh my gosh!

Gloria: And about the time in Africa, I just thought I was having dreams. And I remember being on LinkedIn, and this young man sent me a message to join, and a message and said “I have to go to an Internet cafe, can we meet at this time?” And with the time change, we figured it out, and I waited, and he said “Oh my gosh, it’s you! I thought it was you! I heard that there was this evangelist preaching.” And he walked a half a day to come see me and hear me for the entire week. Then I’m just like, okay! [Laughs] I can do this!

Lourdes: How crazy is that? Oh my gosh! This is actually one of my favorite things to just talk about stuff, remote viewing, metaphysical stuff, supernatural stuff. So, what is the best day you’ve had as a visionary?

Gloria: The best day that I’ve had is when the cadavered dogs confirmed my findings.

Lourdes: Oh.

Gloria: That was one of them, and the other it’s to gather talking with the family member about the person I had seen giving my visions a home, knowing that they did have a home, that I just wasn’t making everything up. Those are the best days that I have. It’s a bittersweet day to work with a family member and let them know what happened, and they wanna know. I’m happy that I can relay the message, but sad for them at the same time. It’s not a happy ha ha, it’s I’m happy to be utilized as the vessel, to be able to deliver what they’re looking for.

Lourdes: So, is remote viewing limited to Earth?

Gloria: No it’s not.

Lourdes: Wild, that is wild!

Gloria: It is, I’m getting goosebumps! [Laughs]

Lourdes: Really?

Gloria: Yes. I’ve remote viewed on an alien spaceship. Actually, the first time I felt like I was taken there, and then the second time, two other times after that, I went and visited, and they turned around and saw me and someone came and said “You need to leave now, and you cannot come back.”

Lourdes: Oh, really?

Gloria: Yes.

Lourdes: Because you weren’t invited and you just happened to remote view over there, huh?

Gloria: That’s right.

Lourdes: Man, you just knocked on their door!

Gloria: I just made really curious!

Lourdes: So now that you’ve mentioned it, now do you see aliens, ghosts, UFOs, UAPs?

Gloria: Yes. Actually, I was a child, gosh I think I was 9 years old? Actually, a girl friend and I were walking down the street, and we saw a horse that looked like it had been lasered right down its spine, and half of it was laying on the ground in a pool of blood. And we looked at it thinking, why is there blood here, and we both, she ran to get her mom, I went to get my mom, and when we came back, of course we got in trouble because the horse was then gone, but you could just see the outline of it with the blood that was still remaining. And my mom goes, my girl friend got in trouble, and I got in trouble, and my mom looked at me and said “I’ll let you stand here, just for a few minutes, and I need to get my temper under control. So you just stand here.” And I looked up and there was a UFO, and I looked at it and thought “What did this animal ever do to you to deserve this?”

Lourdes: Oh my gosh!

Gloria: I know. And up until the solar flare we had in June, the week of around June 18th, around that time, I was being visited in the spirit realm with a couple of aliens and then this big huge orb came in my room, and this disfigured light came in, and I thought I am being monitored, and it was really scary. But I have also seen other UFOs where I used to live on the east side of town. One of the women said “Come over here and look at this,” at night you could just see the UFOs and the Air Force doing their maneuvers. And then I’ve also seen a Nordic alien in the complex, she walked right by me and smiled and nodded, and it’s the freakiest feeling to ever have. And the woman at the apartment said “That’s a Nordic. She’s around here a lot to protect us.” And found out they’re there to protect the people, the Nordics are around to protect us against the Grays, who are not very nice, and help us against the Reptilians.

Lourdes: Yeah, the Reptilians and Grays, are Reptilians bad too?

Gloria: Yes, they are.

Lourdes: So I wonder, are all three, obviously you said Nordics are here, and I think those are the really tall white, they’re like 8 feet 9 feet tall aren’t they, the Nordics?

Gloria: She was about, she was over 6 feet tall, blonde hair, light color eyes. And the skin, I mean, she looked like she could use a tan. It was just, like ghostly looking. [Lourdes laughs] And then I turned, cause she walked past me, and I turned around and she had vanished. So it was, that kind of thing, it was just like okay. It was a little unnerving, and then fascinating at the same time.

Lourdes: Do you think they go in a different dimension that we just can’t see and they’re here among us?

Gloria: Maybe. I’ve seen, there is a dimension portal down the street. And I saw this man walking down the street, I saw him two mornings in a row, and I thought I’ve never seen him before, and my dog and I turned and watched him, and in the middle of the street, it was like he walked right into another dimension. My dog’s looking all around, I’m looking all around, and she just looked at me and looked all around. And recently I saw somebody coming through the other way of the portal real quick, into the portal real quick. So, I believe that there are dimensional portals that they can travel in, or that they can just, they don’t have to say beam me up Scotty, but then they’re back on their spaceship. I don’t know, because I know they can cloak into invisibility. You might be able to see them with your naked eye, but then you look through a camera to report ‘em and they’re not there, even though you’re looking at ‘em with your eye, or vice versa. You don’t see it with your eye, but you see it in a recording device.

Lourdes: Interesting. So what are they doing here?

Gloria: I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Lourdes: But I’m thinking the Nordics must come in groves and armies and armies of them.

Gloria: They have to be, because they are worldwide. And they still probably have some on their home planet, wherever that is. So they are en masse.

Lourdes: So I’m wondering if you can remote view underwater.

Gloria: I don’t know, I’ve never done it before. So I, you probably can. If somebody can remote view anywhere above the water, water should have no bounds because if I can physically see in somebody’s home through the spirit realm, I probably underwater I could too.

Lourdes: Yeah, what do they call those UFOs that go in the water? It’s not UFO, maybe it’s… Gosh…

Gloria: The UAP? No, that’s aerial. I don’t know. But I’ve heard about them being in the water, and having colonies down there.

Lourdes: Yeah, yes. So I wondered if you visited that part of the aliens where they are underwater.

Gloria: I had a dream a long time ago that I was in a colony underwater. And I don’t know if it was aliens or just a dream from watching a lot of science fiction movies, to be quite honest. [Lourdes laughs] So, I don’t know. I’m gonna be honest and say I really don’t know if I’ve ever been on one.

Lourdes: Huh. So I forgot to also mention that you are an author, and you’ve published 20 books. How do you find the time Gloria?

Gloria: I go through seasons of time where if I’m doing reporting, podcasts, I’m not writing. Usually I’m doing some research and I send myself notes, and then I will take a block of time, a specific amount of time, and just take my notes, and turn it into a book and write about 45 minutes a day every other to every 2-3 days to give my brain time to relax and to just unwind from getting caught up. Because if I work every day, it’s just too much and my brain starts locking up and I get exhausted because I’m recovering. I have post-concussion syndrome, so I don’t want to get too much brain fatigue. And I also find that it’s a good pace, because I have found that – One time I wrote 2000 words in an hour, my arm and hands were all cramped up, and I was exhausted for like 3-4 days. So I’m finding that 45 minutes is good, but I block that into my calendar. And I wrote a lot of my books before I had a concussion, cause I’ve only had a concussion for two-and-a-half years. So I would, because I’ve been disabled for a long time, I had plenty of time through the day to sit and write.

Lourdes: Wow, so it sounds like you re-purpose a lot of your material too that you do for your podcast.

Gloria: Actually, not really.

Lourdes: No?

Gloria: No. I’ve been interviewed about the books I’ve written, but I don’t re-purpose them. I might have done life coaching, which I might have used an example from my book and then just say you can find it if you like it. But that was years ago. But now, no, I move on to new things.

Lourdes: Yeah, I like that. So, do you think anybody can just learn how to do remote viewing?

Gloria: There are people who can train people into it, and on the video that I have on YouTube on remote viewing, I describe how somebody can train themselves, and some people are trained by other people to do it. But I’ve read bios of people who said that they are trained remote viewers.

Lourdes: Okay, and so since you’re a naturally gifted remote viewer, do you have control of when to turn that on or off?

Gloria: Yes, I do, like remote touching. I can choose to look into somewhere, or into something. If I’m working on a case, I don’t have that ability to turn it off, because those are visions that might be different, they’re coming to me. And I know that it was like in one vision, I had asked the spirit how did you die, and then he showed me the scenes, it’s like watching a movie, the scene of everything happening, but leading up to his son killing him. And then I’m like, okay, and then I can shut it off at that point of going any further. But sometimes during my sleep, if I’m working on a case, it comes to me, and I start seeing things again. But if I’m not working on a case, I’m good. [Both laugh]

Lourdes: So, do people ask you to go into the future so that they can ask you who won a major sport event so that they can bet on them?

Gloria: In the past, they have. And I would tell them no, I can’t tell you who’s going to win, because…

Lourdes: Cheating!

Gloria: It is. And, it’s unethical. It was interesting, the last presidential race we had that was extremely controversial, somebody had, it was funny, I was in a game show on rewards program that I was doing, and somebody asked me, we were talking, I go “Yeah I’m a visionary/psychic, and this is what I do,” and they go “Who’s going to win the presidential campaign?” And I said “Biden,” they’re like “No way no way no way.” I said, I’m just the messenger, and you asked the question. And it was like, okay. [Laughs] I knew when our former president Obama was going to win as well.

Lourdes: Wow. Well, I’m not even gonna ask you on our podcast who the next president will be –

Gloria: Thank you! Cause I’m not even following it right now! [Both laugh] I don’t know!

Lourdes: Yeah, and I can wait. I mean, I’m gonna let time naturally, and we’ll find out when we do, right?

Gloria: Exactly.

Lourdes: So, what type of client do you normally work with? Who is your ideal client?

Gloria: People who have questions about themselves, about their lives. If they want a general reading, anyone that has a question like “is this a good relationship that I’m in?” “Is my business going to make it or should I go back to work?” And then if, on the other hand I have my forensic, people who have lost loved ones to murders and who have been in trauma. I can work with people who’ve been in trauma as well, and I’ve done that for many years, and I have also worked through my own extreme trauma, and I can work with them because they want answers about their children or their family member, or somebody who has lost a loved one and they have a question about… One woman said she lost her mother at age 3 and she always had a question about “how did my mother die?” And I said, it was on a business call and it was a recorded call. And I said well, you know how to get a hold of me if you would like that answer. And also I remember being approached by somebody and said would you mind – And it was a paid session, helping my mom is wondering why my father hasn’t come to her. And the day of the dead, he’s been dead for a while, and every year she waits, so we did a mediumship on that, we had an appointment. And his spirit came, and the lights went completely out where we were, and it was daylight, and she wanted to know some questions, and I had answers, and then she wanted to know how could he keep, why doesn’t he come to me. And I said because you never set it up before he died, and he’s willing to, all you have to do is invite him, and this is how you do it. So those are my ideal clients.

Lourdes: That’s pretty cool, and I’m glad you went into the mediumship, because as you were talking I was thinking about some questions such as, hey, can you call on somebody’s dead relative, like for example, a parent that died, and you just wonder how they’re doing? And can you talk to their spirit?

Gloria: Yes, it’s the same as my working on a cold case. I talk with the spirit of the dead person, and find out what happened, what’s the background of the whole thing, and how did you die, and then they start talking, I’ve had some talk about the relationship with their murderer.

Lourdes: You know, you ever heard of that show Ghost Whisperer?

Gloria: Mhm.

Lourdes: You’re Gloria Whisperer now. [Both laugh] I just thought of that! Oh my gosh! So Gloria, what do you like to do when you’re not working on anything? You’re not remote viewing anybody, just relaxing. What do you like to do, how do you de-stress?

Gloria: I listen to some audiobooks, and if I’ve had a very stressful case to work on, I stream TV and I go onto the Hallmark Channel or I go onto one of the other channels and watch something happy and fun and gets me laughing. I cannot watch Rizzoli & Isles even though I dearly like that program, and I cannot watch anything on murder or listen to a book on a crime related book, because it’s still more of the same. Or, I love Beauty and the Beast with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton from 1987, and I have that complete set on DVD, and I’ll just shut everything off and go sit and watch an episode, and that will just help me de-stress and take me away.

Lourdes: Oh, that’s pretty neat! So what’re you working on right now?

Gloria: I’m not working on anything right now, to be honest. I’m waiting to, I’ve been vetted twice by this one non-profit that I will do volunteer work for, and next week I will be in the third meeting with the entire team, as well as the founder and do a demonstration of what I do before they will approve me to work with any of their clients, and this will all be done for free.

Lourdes: Oh, I’m excited to hear about that when that happens! So, we are at the time where I ask you a funny or weird question, so are you ready?

Gloria: Yes!

Lourdes: So Gloria, if you had to change your name, what would your name be, and why would you choose that name?

Gloria: I already thought about this a long time ago, I almost changed my name. And it would be Susan Martin.

Lourdes: Hm, why?

Gloria: I’ve always liked the name Sue, and I think I might look like a Sue. And Martin because I’ve always liked it. I’ve always thought it was distinguished, and it just flowed together. Susan Martin.

Lourdes: You do look like a Sue.

Gloria: Thank you!

Lourdes: Now that you mentioned that, yeah. So Gloria, if anybody needs to get a hold of you, what is the contact information you wanna put out there?

Gloria: They can email me at or they can find me on Instagram or Twitter and send me a direct message. But don’t just say “hi,” because I won’t respond. Describe why you’re contacting me! [Laughs] Cause if you just say hi I might think that you’re an advertiser or somebody with a fake profile.

Lourdes: That’s true. Well this has been so fun, I am finally happy to have you on my show, I’ve learned so much about remote viewing, and I know now that you’re more than a remote viewer. You’re also a medium and a psychic, and you talk to spirits and crazy stuff like that, which I love! So, thank you so much for being on my show today!

Gloria: Thank you for having me, I’ve enjoyed myself!

Lourdes: Great, I’ll talk to you soon.

Gloria: Okay, thank you.

Lourdes: Bye.

Gloria: Bye-bye.

Lourdes: And join me next week, when we talk about how to learn to trust your gut feeling.

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