Speaking With Angels with Guest Linda Despard Interview

Episode #62

Show Notes: A spiritual advisor who is an intentional visionary who speaks with angels and bring messages.




In today’s episode, I’ll be interviewing Linda Despard. She is an intentional visionary with a clear and precise psychic vision.

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This podcast is about entrepreneurship, spirituality, and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this show. Thank you for listening today!

Linda is a mother to a beautiful little girl, a vintage car lover, and owner to her 1965 Mustang coupe that she loves to work on, show off to car shows, and of course enjoys driving it. She lives in Maine, and is fulfilling able to live in the life that she dreams of as an intentional visionary. And, she’s a phenomenal medium, bringing through meaningful, clear, and healing messages from angels.

Lourdes: And Linda, thank you so much for joining me today! How are you?

Linda: Good, how are you?

Lourdes: Good. You talk to angels, and can you tell me about how many angels show up for your readings?

Linda: It varies during each session. Mostly it’s between 2-3, but each session it increases depending on the person’s awareness.

Lourdes: Okay, and you mentioned the 3, who are mostly the 3?

Linda: Mostly is Archangel Mika’il, which most people believe it is “Michael” pronounced. And Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel as well.

Lourdes: So do each one of those angels have some type of specialty?

Linda: They do. Archangel Mika’il provides strength, courage, and support, protection. Archangel Raphael provides kindness, healing, and sensations of wellness within. Archangel Uriel provides assistance with moving forward through blockages and such.

Lourdes: I never knew that Archangel Uriel did that part, that’s interesting. And then, how long have you been hearing these angels?

Linda: I have been working with them, hearing them since early Spring this past year, and found out exactly who they were September 17th.

Lourdes: Oh my God. So did that freak you out?

Linda: It did not.

Lourdes: Why?

Linda: It just felt very natural. It was very slow and progressive the way that I was presented with exactly who I was speaking to. So, I remember very vividly about a month before I found out exactly who it was, I felt a very large being next to me, and I said “Ooh, this is of the higher power.” So it was very slow and progressive, because we can only handle so much at a right rate. If it was right in our faces immediately, I think that would just scare the living daylights out of us.

Lourdes: So from what I know and read, people who develop these gifts or psychic abilities at a later age usually, from what I’ve read, people were sick or somehow they got really sick, and then they get well and then they have these voices that they hear, or they have these psychic abilities. How did this come about to you? Were you sick or anything like that?

Linda: No, that is not what happened for me as an individual. I had psychic abilities since I was a very young child. What had happened to me was that I endured a lot of traumatic life events throughout my lifetime, and that covered up my gifts. As I reached the age of 16, they started to increase again. And at that time, they were too strong for me, so I asked and prayed for them to go away, because I didn’t understand exactly what they were at that time. And of course, I was young and I didn’t have any guidance. So that went away for a long time. I always had really good intuition and occasionally would have some psychic insight, but it wasn’t until I reached out for assistance with a spiritual life coach that I was able to break through my traumatic life events, and then my gifts just came soaring in.

Lourdes: That’s amazing.

Linda: It really is. I’m very thankful.

Lourdes: So then, when you reached out to your spiritual life coach, they helped you with sorting this out. And then, when did you start your business as a service to help other people, because you can hear these things and you can guide them?

Linda: I started my business July 26th of this past year, so 2022. At that point, when I was working with my spiritual mentor, I had sensations that my gifts were increasing greatly, and I was slowly providing mediumship and psychic readings already. The current job that I was at, I felt as though I was being caged. So during that time, I asked the universe to gift back my employment, lovingly gift it back, and it just went from there.

Lourdes: So you’re doing this full-time 100% now?

Linda: Yes I am.

Lourdes: Wow! So how do clients find you?

Linda: So it started with online, and then I started stepping out into the community and attending events. At events, I was providing meetings, and from there each individual that I have a session with, I receive 1-2 additional clients. Word of mouth is huge, and meeting individuals in person has been ultimately successful. So it’s like a very large spiderweb.

Lourdes: So, I have listeners that are trying to get into an online business and how to start their own business as a psychic or medium or in the metaphysics world. What advice would you give someone who is afraid to do that, or what should they do?

Linda: I feel as though that you just shouldn’t give up. If you feel as though that is what your ultimate soul’s calling is, then to not give up. And also, always have the best intentions when stepping into that field. Because we are so gifted, each individually, and to be able to utilize our gifts so well, you have to have the best intentions always and want to help humanity.

Lourdes: And since you started in your business in July and up to now, were there any business challenges that you had to figure out?

Linda: Absolutely. Boundaries. [Both laugh] People pleasing.

Lourdes: And so, tell me about that.

Linda: So within this world, with providing readings and such, a lot of individuals… We want the answers. I too used to want all the answers when I would seek spiritual advice, psychic advice. And when working online, it can be a little difficult. Because if you’re providing so much information and you’re right on point, my inbox would continue to have messages incoming. Although somebody would pay for something, they would still want more answers afterwards. So boundaries has been a very big thing with me, and being consistent with that. That has been a big one. Not people pleasing, because my heart is so kind, so I always want to give the answers if there’s more that could come out, but I have to own my position within my business and this time is your time, type of thing.

Lourdes: Okay so let me get this, let me understand. So you would give a reading, they have a time with you, let’s say it’s 30 minutes, and the session is over. And obviously, they must have your e-mail address. So then after the session, they continue to ask you questions?

Linda: Correct.

Lourdes: And then you would answer them too?

Linda: Correct. On Messenger, most likely, yes.

Lourdes: So did you resolve that?

Linda: That is resolved, all this is resolved now.

Lourdes: So then you just say “Hey, you want more answers? Make another booking with me!”

Linda: Yeah, yeah. You know, I would say “This is for the next time that we speak.” I have to hold to my integrity, my boundaries.

Lourdes: So my next question is, if that same person who you just gave a reading to sent you an e-mail and you say “This is for next time.” So for next time, do they get a break on the pricing?

Linda: No.

Lourdes: [Laughing] I just thought of that question.

Linda: It’s a good question.

Lourdes: So then when they book with you, can they buy more than one session with you? Cause what if they wanted 2 or 3 sessions, then is that something that people have asked for?

Linda: They can. What has been happening is that I’ve been having specials for like buy one get one free for new clientele. So that has been very resourceful for some individuals, so that’s where we’re at with that. There is a package that I’ve worked on, like a 4-week package, but that goes more in-depth than a typical psychic or mediumship reading.

Lourdes: Okay, so that brings me to my next question. I think I saw somewhere that you talked about the lunar moon year? What does that mean?

Linda: That is… It’s every thousand years? I’m not entirely sure. I was guided to post that, and I’m like “Hm, she’s gonna ask some difficult questions.” That for me, I’m not entirely sure. I do know there’s a lot of power within it. Just as the new full moon rising this Sunday has a lot of power within it, this snow moon. Each moon is so different.

Lourdes: So with the new moon, or a full moon, do you tell people when you’re giving them a reading, let’s say you gave me a reading today, and then we knew that the new moon is coming up this Sunday, would you guide me to do something on the new moon day?

Linda: On the 5th this Sunday, the full moon, and I would guide you to release some things that may be troubling you at this time and set intentions with releasing those things that have been like hanging gates, so to speak. Setting intentions for a clear path, clear direction.

Lourdes: And then the other question I had is, what is the most common question when you get a reading from people that they ask you?

Linda: Most recently it has been individuals asking about past lives, and wanting to dive right into past life situations. One individual mentioned that they did not like childbirth, the thought of it, or even wanting to be a mother. I was immediately brought back to 1410, and there was a woman that was giving birth to this individual who had a very traumatic time birthing her out in the woods, and it all made sense.

Lourdes: Oh that’s strange. Do you have to put them under some type of hypnosis to get them to the past life?

Linda: Absolutely not, no. That is a very big thing that – So, my guides who are clearly of the higher power have disclosed that hypnosis is not being performed by, abiding by universal law when individuals are disclosing information from other higher selves. I do not have to put anyone under hypnosis, I can do it while I am completely energetically connected to the person and the person is awake. It’s just a regular session and I zone right in.

Lourdes: Is that the same thing as accessing the Akashic Records?

Linda: It’s very different.

Lourdes: Oh it is. How different?

Linda: With the Akashic Records, they go into a filing system that is within the Earth’s core. That is not what I do. I am in the full zone levels of universal energy and source. And I can go right in there.

Lourdes: Wow, it sounds so interesting.

Linda: It’s wild, yeah.

Lourdes: So then, do people cry when they’re in these sessions with you?

Linda: Individuals do cry. Occasionally during the sessions with past lifetimes, or all sessions? I’m wondering what you are wondering, if it’s, are they emotional during the past life sessions or are they emotional during all the sessions collectively?

Lourdes: All the sessions collectively.

Linda: Yes. Because the work that I do is all truth, and for a mediumship, a lot comes up with mediumship. And individuals that do book with me for mediumship, I would say about 95% of the time they feel as though their loved one is sitting there with them. So it is very clear, and it is very accurate, and it is beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. It brings on a lot of emotions.

Lourdes: That’s interesting! So now that you mentioned those loved ones, and when you’re doing a reading you can probably sense that they’re there, and so your client is getting emotional. When they’re not having a session with you, do you think these passed on loved ones on the other side are always around us?

Linda: They are around quite often, I can say. During sessions I’m shown visual moments when a loved one is with the client that I am speaking to. So they will disclose how often they are around, they will disclose certain moments throughout their lives and certain things they may do within the home, signs and such. So they are. They’re in and out, but they can be around more often than not.

Lourdes: So, do you believe in reincarnation?

Linda: Yes.

Lourdes: So then my question is, with the past loved ones that have passed on, if they reincarnated today or tomorrow, can they still be around the person who’s grieving them? Does that work?

Linda: So what happens is there’s so many different levels, and I haven’t quite figured it out. I do know that is like peeling an onion, if that makes sense. Someone can be within universal energy passed over, but parts of them can be sent to a baby that is about to be born. We’re collective beings, we are very much collective beings.

Lourdes: So then the other question I have would be, have you ever had a client that stumped you?

Linda: Can you articulate stumped?

Lourdes: Like, maybe they ask you an odd question and you didn’t have an answer for them. And it may take you a while to listen to the angels to provide an answer, like they really stumped you with a strange question.

Linda: Right. I haven’t been stumped in that way, because the angels speak right through me, so I don’t have to wait for them. They show up, and then I ask permission to allow them to speak, and they will speak right through me. What I have been stumped on in the past was if I was at a group reading, and I’m like “what is happening? We’re not able to connect right now.” I figured out that individuals can shut themselves, close themselves right up because they don’t want to be seen. So they’re sitting there, and they’re not consciously aware that they have shut off their frequency for me to be able to tap into their energy and bring in a loved one or provide spiritual guidance and such.

Lourdes: I was not aware you did group psychic readings.

Linda: Yes, I do.

Lourdes: So do you think the people that show up in group psychic meetings, and you said some of them shut themselves off, do you think any of those people in there are not open-minded to what you do, and therefore you can’t read them, or they don’t believe in this? Like I’m thinking, why would they even attend if they don’t believe in it?

Linda: What has happened that I’ve experienced is they’re open enough because they come to the group reading, but they are nervous to have other individuals that may be within the room hear what could come up. Once I get going, somebody may be like “Oh, she can see a lot,” so that may make them feel uncomfortable. What I do when that does happen, I will ask for everyone else to take a break, and then I’ll privately sit with that person and we’re jamming after that, right on point. Cause they’re able to relax.

Lourdes: So when they book a meeting with you, let’s say you had an individual who just booked a meeting with you. Do you give them some kind of preparation like hey say a prayer, be open when you meet with me, blah blah blah, something like that to get them prepared?

Linda: I do not do that. But before I start, I always call in protection and I always ask to be provided information for the highest good, always. And I ask for no negative energy to penetrate myself or that individual as well. And then after my sessions I always disconnect from everyone’s energy and I release that energy as well.

Lourdes: Oh, cool, so that was my next question. What hours do you work?

Linda: I work between 9AM Eastern and 5PM Eastern.

Lourdes: And then you don’t work on weekends, correct?

Linda: The weekends I have set aside for the group events.

Lourdes: And so then, Linda, when you’re not working, what do you like to do for fun or how do you relax?

Linda: I like to drive my Mustang. [Laughs] I have a 1965 Mustang coupe, and I love my car, I love working on it, spending time with my child, traveling, and I love going boating, fishing, and just experiencing new places. I love to see coast, that’s really, it’s like home to me, it’s beautiful.

Lourdes: Yeah. Oh, I didn’t know you worked on cars! So you’re sort of a mechanic like, skills, or what?

Linda: I like watching and learning, and assisting somebody. I’m just very inquisitive about things.

Lourdes: I love it! So, before we end our session, I always ask a funny or weird question. So, my question to you would be: If you can communicate with either trees, underwater creatures, or any 4-legged animal, which one would you choose, and why?

Linda: Underwater creatures, I would choose whales. Because they are protectors.

Lourdes: Oh, I didn’t know that. How are they protectors?

Linda: They are protectors of certain things within the ocean. And there’s a lot of energy within the ocean in vibrations, that vibrate Mother Earth, Gaia.

Lourdes: Linda, are you working on anything else?

Linda: Currently I am working on providing a 4-week program which is Ignite Into Your Best Version of Yourself. And it’s weekly sessions, one hour sessions, with e-mail communication Monday-Friday that is replied within 24 hours. And Voxer Communication as well, due to so much information coming forward, and within our lives so many things come up, so if somebody needs a little guidance and assistance throughout the week to make sure they’re still on their path and alignment. It’s so helpful. So I’m currently working on that, and traveling.

Lourdes: So working on that, when do you expect to launch that program?

Linda: That has launched today.

Lourdes: Oh, okay cool! So how can people connect with you and find out more information about your new program as well as trying to get a hold of you?

Linda: You can connect with me on Facebook at Divine Direct Connections and/or Stay Wild Moon Child, readings 222. I also have Instagram which is divinedirectconnect, and my e-mail is divinedirectconnect@gmail.com

Lourdes: Perfect, and we’ll have all those connections and links in our website. So, thank you so much Linda, this was so fun! And it’s nice to know that there’s always angels around us too.

Linda: Absolutely, thank you so much!

Lourdes: Okay, talk to you soon.

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