Twin Flame…..bringing heaven to earth with Guest Lenore Kingdom

Episode # 99

Show Notes:

My name is Lenore and I am your Twinflame Soul Recovery Doula.

Lenore is a leader of the new design for Twin Flame consciousness, Usui/Holy Fire 111 Reiki Master and #1 bestselling author. With 25yrs experience facilitating and supporting a safe space to cross the threshold into parenthood she now provides this same space for the transition of awakened divine Twins into New Earth love and light awareness.

Through her 20yrs lived experience as a Twin Flame she has been called to be a Way Shower for other Twins to transform the deep pain of soul recognition into self-love, sovereignty and empowerment, to the ultimate – divine union.

Lenore’s work is based in energy alchemy through releasing the mind thereby remembering the soul.


YT – @‌twinflamelovepotion
TikTok – twinflamelovepotion
insta – twin_flame_love_potion
FB – Twin Soul Recovery
Bestselling author – Threshold: Stories of Initiation
Links to my international bestselling author book:


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