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Sarah is an intuitive and money mindset coach.  She helps female coaches release outdated beliefs to help their business prosper.


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The 8th Level Podcast is about being self-employed, entrepreneurship, and managing our online business. It’s also about connecting to our souls, having the right mindset, and self-care. My name is Lourdes, and I am the host of this show. Thank you for listening to this episode today!

Sarah is an intuitive business strategy and money mindset mentor. She helps female coaches to increase their increase their income using soul led strategy while supporting their mindsets and nervous system. She helps her clients balance strategy and mindset while building the foundations of their business.

Lourdes: Sarah, thank you so much for joining me today! How are you?

Sarah: Thank you, I’m really good, thank you! How are you doing?

Lourdes: Pretty good. It’s morning here in the States, and I think it’s afternoon there in England.

Sarah: Mhm, another beautiful rainy day in our summertime over here! [Laughs]

Lourdes: Ah, we had rain yesterday. But today, it’s nice and pleasant. 80s for a change, instead of the upper 90s, 100s that we’ve been getting. So lemme go ahead and start our questions. So, what made you decide to start this type of business?

Sarah: Great question. So I was working for my family’s company. My dad owned a company, and a few years ago I realized that it just wasn’t fulfilling me, it just wasn’t what I wanted to do. A few things have happened in my personal life, like getting divorced, going through a toxic relationship, and so I went through my own healing journey because of all those things. And because of that, it made me realize that this is what I wanted to do. So I took a clinical hypnotherapy course, a rebirth and breathwork course, and I did those things for myself and realized actually that I wanted to do this for other people. That the changes that I experienced, that I wanted to help others on their journey as well, and the things to help them with similar things.

Lourdes: Okay, cool. So, what is a rebirthing breathing work?

Sarah: So rebirthing breathwork, there’s many different types of breathwork, as I’m sure you well know, but rebirthing is all about getting to the core of who you are, I guess. So, I’m sure yourself and your listeners have heard of limiting belief, those core doubts or fears that we have about ourselves, like “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not liked” things like that. And rebirthing breathwork is the idea that all of these fears and doubts are either passed on to you, or are activated at birth, right from when you are a child. So rebirthing breathwork is really getting back to the core of who you are, and understanding that those fears, those doubts, are learned, that they’re taught to us and they’re not actually who you are meant to be. That you are so much more than what you are maybe giving yourself credit for.

That you aren’t those fears and your doubts. But on a more logical sense, this type of breathwork is using your nose for circular breathing. So breathing it is like a continuous breathing in and breathing out, and it helps you go into this really beautiful deep meditative state, and this is where we’re able to access the subconscious and all those fears and doubts that I was talking about a second ago. This is where we’re able to really make those changes to release maybe trauma that’s locked inside of the body. You know, those fears, those doubts, and actually have a new way of being.

Lourdes: Interesting. So when you’re doing this breathwork with someone, is that part of your coaching, or is that a separate practice? And then, once you get them in a relaxed state, is that when you do a hypnotism kinda thing with them?

Sarah: Yeah, exactly. So, the hypnosis and the breathwork is part of all of my coaching. Even though I’m business, I’m money, especially as, when you’re service-based, when you’re the front of your business, all of these things come tied in from you that are connected to your business as well. So this is why I still do the breathwork, I still do the hypnosis. And like you just said, it’s the breathwork, I take them into that really deep state, and that’s where I’m then able to take you into hypnosis, and this is where there’s really profound transformations, that’s where it’s able to take place.

Lourdes: And how long are your typical sessions?

Sarah: Around 90 minutes, but it really depends how long, like what the thing that we are uncovering or upgrading. For how long the actual breathwork and hypnosis sessions last, sometimes it’s a really quick in and out like 15 minutes, and the rest of the session is strategy and talking and taking the action. And sometimes, obviously we’re going so much deeper, it can be almost the full session. It can be like an hour, it can be 75 minutes, it really depends on the thing that we’re changing, how deeply rooted it is, and obviously the emotional state of the person. If it activates, if it triggers something else, then obviously I never rush that process.

Lourdes: And so you mentioned money, and I read somewhere on your website “money magnet manifestation,” can you tell us about that?

Sarah: Is that the money manifesting bundle? Is that what you mean?

Lourdes: Yes.

Sarah: Awesome. So, this is one of my brand new products. So it’s something that you can instantly access, and it’s all about welcoming more money into your business in the next 30 days. I really love the idea of helping people to make those changes and see the results. Not instantaneously obviously, that’s not maybe accessible, but I think a really shortened timeline in this is a really great product to have like, I kind of like to think of it like dipping your toe in.

So included in there is a really powerful mini-master class, so it’s like 5 steps to smashing through income plateaus, there’s an incredible sleep hypnosis, and there’s also a sales magnet meditation. Now, I love this, because it’s getting all of the vibes of receiving those payment notifications, the ones that we love where your phone dings, your phone vibrates, and you see the stripe or the PayPal come through. It’s all about shifting the beliefs and doubts that’re keeping you stuck, and having the confidence in yourself and your ability to sell whatever it is that you’re selling.

Lourdes: Oh wow! So, are those videos, are they e-books, what are they?

Sarah: So, the master class is a video, and then the other two are just audio. So the sales magnet meditation is just a few minutes so that you can pop it on like – I even do it myself, even though people might think it’s cringe, I’m so used to hearing my own voice now that I even put it on myself. I was listening to it this morning while I was journaling. And then the sleep hypnosis kinda does what it says on the tin. You pop it on every night as you get into bed, and it’s like the easiest kind of mindset work, cause it’s literally re-wiring your neural pathways, your mind, as you’re sleeping. There’s nothing really that you need to do other than just drift into sleep.

Lourdes: Oh come on, really? Is it that easy?

Sarah: I like to make things accessible! Some of my clients are such, I don’t like the label busy, but busy entrepreneurs. That I’d really love to have people like, yes you need to invest your energy and your time if you wanna make changes, but also like, why do we need to have things that take hours and hours to see these changes rather than having something like, you’re gonna sleep anyway, hopefully, so why not have these changes take place at the same time?

Lourdes: Yeah. I think I read somewhere, when you’re doing the law of attraction and you’re asking. So right before your sleep you’re supposed to be asking questions like how can I help a client, or how can I get more clients, or something like that. So this is kinda cool that your sleep will actually absorb what you’re saying from those audio tapes, that’s kinda neat.

Sarah: Yeah, exactly. And you’re obviously, you’ve already set that intention that this is the changes that you wanna make, I mean, hopefully that’s why you bought the bundle. You want the changes, so you’re already taking that first step of being like hey, I wanna make these changes, I want things to happen now, I’m ready to receive it, let’s go.

Lourdes: So, you also mentioned that on your website you help female coaches. What type of female coaches do you help? Is there an ideal client? Cause there’s so many different coaches today, right.

Sarah: Oh, absolutely. I like to call them my dreamboat clients.

Lourdes: I like that.

Sarah: So, this woman is usually, she would class herself as a healer or someone who is spiritual. So maybe she gazes at the moon, maybe she is doing all these hypnosis already or the meditation, or maybe she has crystals on her desk. But maybe she’s not like completely, away with the fairies I like to say. Like, I love being spiritual, I love talking to my guides and asking for their support, but some, like the people who live in the 5D, I’m not quite there. So for me, my dreamboat client is someone who loves to dip their toe in the spiritual, but maybe still loves the glass of Prosecco and going on a bourgie holiday, that’s my kind of woman.

Lourdes: Yeah, me too! I like that. So then with these kind of female coaches, do they have to be in business for a while, or do they have to be successful, or is there some kind of pre-qualification that you can help them with?

Sarah: For me for my clients?

Lourdes: Yes.

Sarah: So, I really feel like I love to help people build the foundations. Yes, I’ve had clients that are already making 6 figures and smashing through income plateaus. Wherever you are in making income, I love doing that. But for me, it’s really helping people build the foundations because in my mind, you can’t scale to the multiple 5 figure months and beyond without really good solid foundations.

Whether that’s your mindset, whether that’s your strategy, whatever it is. So I don’t think that you have to already be super financially successful, but I do work with women who, I like to say that they’re ready to take action. It doesn’t matter if you’re still in your 9-5 and you want to leave corporate, but I’m not someone that’s gonna hold your hand. Yes, I love having support and holding space for people, but for me, if you’re not taking action, then maybe we’re not a good fit.

Lourdes: That’s what I was gonna ask you about, the work that the coachee has to do. So they’re working with you, and I’m sure you’re probably giving them homework. How much time does someone have to invest in themselves? I don’t know if you give them weekly homework, so how do they do this work on their own to work with you? Cause I know it’s a 2-way exchange, isn’t it?

Sarah: Yeah, of course. It’s a co-creation, it’s a bit like these people selling you can have X figure months every month. Well yes I do think you can do that a degree, but unless you’re spending 24/7 with someone and holding their hand every step of the way… Nothing in life is guaranteed, but I do think that you need to be someone that is ready to invest not only your time, but also your energy. You could be spending 10 hours a day doing it, but if the energy’s not behind it, then are you really putting in beautiful time or is it kind of wishy-washy energy? So it really depends on how quickly you want to see results, and how much you want it. Because, as in that money manifesting bundle, a lot of my clients I make tailor-made sleep hypnosis. So they’re already doing that, so they’re already doing homework as such every night without really putting in too much effort or time, it’s kinda just working in the background.

But if I am working with someone who’s an entrepreneur, they’re launching something. So like right now, one of my clients has just sent a 10 e-mail sequence over to me to have a look. Well, it’s not for me to do that for her, she’s made all of these e-mails herself, but if you’re not gonna put the time and effort in to make the e-mail sequence, to plan out your launch, to create your visibility strategy and go on podcasts like I am right now. If you’re not dedicating that time outside of the sessions, then obviously your timeline to see results is gonna be longer than someone who is like, I’m taking action every day or every week to make these goals a reality.

Lourdes: Yeah, that makes good sense. So, do you think some female coaches have a fear of success?

Sarah: I love this question, absolutely. 100%. And I think that so many of us don’t have a role model, whether it’s family or friends or just someone in society of like, this is what success is, and actually you can be a really good person and still be successful. And this comes up so much with money as well, of like, we are told by society and by the whole of it, if you’re rich, then you’re bad. Or if you’re successful then maybe you’re cutthroat and you pushed people over to get your way to the top. You know, all of these things that we’re told about being in corporate especially. And I think because of that, because it’s that inherent I wanna be a good girl, I wanna be seen as kind, I wanna be seen as helpful, all of these things that we are unfortunately taught as women. And I think that this ripples into unintentionally not wanting to be successful because otherwise, are we still gonna be relatable, are we still gonna be likable, are people still gonna see us the same way if we’re making lots of money or if we’re at the top of our game?

Lourdes: Yeah, hm. Okay, so another question. I know some women who have hired a few different coaches, and they were not really successful. How are you different from the other coaches?

Sarah: Well, not knowing who these other coaches are, or what they do, or how they help, how am I different? So I would say that I’m different from the average business coach in the fact that I will always teach people or help and support people with 50% of the strategy and 50% of the mindset. Because you can’t have one without the other. I remember the beginning of my journey, I used to go so hard and all-in on mindset, and I don’t know if I can swear, am I allowed to swear?

Lourdes: [Laughs] You can.

Sarah: I used to shit all over strategy and be like, you don’t need it! It’s all about your mindset! As long as your mind’s right!

Lourdes: Yeah, and that’s really hard to get a hold of, isn’t it? The right mindset. Why is that?

Sarah: Yes, exactly. And that’s the thing, you can go all in on the strategy and not pay any attention to your mindset. But you really, really need to have both. And this is where I think I’m different, is that yes I will help you do your launch plan, I will help you with e-mails, or content, and all of those things. But if you are full of doubt, and if you are afraid of being seen, if you’re afraid of success or charging those right prices, and that you say your mind isn’t right, you’re not gonna be able to do any of those things. You’re not gonna be able to go on the podcasts and share your voice, you’re not gonna be able to do Instagram Lives and be seen and be your authentic self, so it’s about cleaning up those mindset niggles, those energetic leaks, as you go. And I think this is where the difference is for clients is that it’s not that they’re working with one coach on one thing and one coach on another, because I have eyes on all the different parts of their business. Obviously because I know everything that’s happening, we’re able to make those shifts, those upgrades, in real time, so that they can actually see the results. Rather than being like, “I guess I’ll struggle through this launch even though I don’t think it’s gonna happens.” They’re actually able to show up, be seen, share their beautiful gifts, and get the sales.

Lourdes: Wow, that’s great news! So, what challenges, since you talked about your business journey, what challenges did you have to overcome from beginning your business?

Sarah: Well, all of the challenges have been human I guess.

Lourdes: Were you also fearful of getting in front of people too?

Sarah: Absolutely! So my biggest thing, and people don’t believe me sometimes when I say this, because I’m a hypnotherapist, I obviously make loads of audios, I’m on podcasts quite often, I used to have a really big fear or doubt around my voice. For years as long as I can remember, so I’m from somewhere down south in England, and I have a really strong accent if you come from this area of England, and so I have always tried as a young adult to hide my accent as much as possible. And people have thought I’m American, Australian, Irish, you name it, they’ve thought I was from another country. And now, it’s my superpower, people work with me because they hear me on a podcast or on a meditation and they resonate with my voice.

And so for me, that was my biggest obstacle, realizing that actually the thing that – And this is what I find with so many people, their biggest fear, their biggest doubt about themselves of them being too much or their voice or the way they laugh or whatever it is, that’s the secret sauce that the thing, their dreamboat clients, that’s what attracts them. There are so many different mindset coaches, there are so many different business coaches or breathwork healers, that what sets you apart is usually the thing that you are trying to hide that other people actually really love and connect with you about.

Lourdes: Isn’t that crazy? It’s so crazy for me to hear you say you didn’t like your voice! Oh my god, your voice is so lovely! I’ve talked to a lot of people in England, and there is one particular person that I work with, and my gosh, he has a really heavy duty English accent. I have such a hard time even when I’m watching his mouth move, I have a hard time understanding him because his English is so difficult to understand, it’s really heavy. But you’re easy to understand, I love your voice, it’s so weird for me to hear that you didn’t like your voice.

Sarah: Aw, thank you! I have a big smile on my face! And I think that that just… Just highlights really, like I’m sure to a degree you’re being nice, you’re being polite, I’m sure you wouldn’t be like “Your voice is awful!”

Lourdes: Oh gosh no! I’m being authentic with you!

Sarah: It’s more that thing that, even sometimes now I’m like, oh gosh I said that word like that and it sounded really X and Y and Z, but actually in real terms, people really connect with it.

Lourdes: Yeah. You know, in the beginning of my podcasts, I used to edit a lot out, and then I realized eh, I don’t need to edit a lot out, just leave it and just let it be and let it all flow naturally. So Sarah, what do you like to do when you’re not working with a client? How do you relax and unwind?

Sarah: I love to spend time outdoors. My partner and I love to go on walks, on hikes. We live at the moment, we’re actually moving in a few weeks, but we live in a really beautiful area in the north of England that is surrounded by fields and hills and just beautiful outdoor spaces. And if it’s not that, then I’m definitely someone that loves a bourgie cocktail or a glass of Prosecco in a really nice restaurant. I’m such a foodie. If it’s got good food, I will be there, so that’s definitely my places to unwind, relax, and decompress.

Lourdes: Oh, sounds nice nice nice! A glass of Prosecco would be nice too. So, what are you working on right now?

Sarah: Right now, I am actually just about to drop – Or, I don’t know when this podcast is gonna be airing. So it’s gonna be dropping in the next few days, we’re gonna be starting at the end of September, I am launching a money program. So this is gonna be called, you’re gonna get a world-first now! [Both laugh] It’s called Abundance Breakthrough, and it’s an intensive money program, probably like you or your listeners hopefully haven’t heard of before. As you’ve maybe heard in our conversation, I do the hypnotherapy, I do the breathwork, I’m inherited trauma trained, so I really like to go to the core of money beliefs.

So it’s gonna be releasing yourself from the doubts or maybe feeling anxiety about when the next sale is gonna be dropping in, and activating your next level of income so that you can magnetize more money in your business. Because I think that for a lot of my clients, or for the women that are in my community, it’s understanding that these wins that you see shared on Instagram, that it’s all possible for you too. Like these other coaches, that they aren’t unicorns. That they have, if you’ve got the foundation of the mindset and the strategy pieces, that everything that you see is also possible for you as well.

Lourdes: That sounds interesting.

Sarah: I’m very excited too!

Lourdes: Really exciting news. This podcast will probably be airing around that time.

Sarah: Amazing!

Lourdes: So finally, how do people find you?

Sarah: You can find me on Instagram, I’m over there mostly. It’s just @iam_sarahhunter. And if you are down with the kids and on TikTok, then I am on the same name over there as well, trying to do my best to lip-sync, not dance, but give really good educational pieces for sales and for money.

Lourdes: That’s funny, you’re lip-syncing. So now is the time where I ask a funny or strange question, so are you ready?

Sarah: I feel ready.

Lourdes: So, what language would you like to learn to speak fluently and write on day, and why?

Sarah: I love this question! My first thought was gonna be something like Spanish, just because I feel like it’s so widely spoken, but I’m gonna change my first idea. And I’m gonna go with something like Japanese, because I feel like from a Western language, it’s so different. And obviously the language spoken, written, it’s so different from where I am now and I feel like learning a language really expands your mental capacity, and I feel like that would definitely be something that would expand mine. [Laughs]

Lourdes: Sounds very challenging. And then you’d probably have to learn to write it, right?

Sarah: Hm, yeah. I’m quite ambitious, if you haven’t realized. [Both laugh]

Lourdes: Yeah. And I think there’s, I don’t know, is there 2 or 3 different Japanese language types that you can learn?

Sarah: Oh gosh, probably. I have no idea. But maybe it’s something like that, or like Chinese. I think something just, they’re so different from our langauges that I think it would just be something really fun and ambitious to try and do.

Lourdes: That is very ambitious. I think they write backwards, don’t they?

Sarah: Maybe I’ll be better at it then!

Lourdes: Cool, very cool answer. Thank you so much for sharing that. So Sarah, this has been really fun, and again can you tell us your website name so that people can find you?

Sarah: Yeah, thank you so much for having me on again! So, it’s super easy, it’s just I like to make things complicated for you over there. And then all my socials are just iam_sarahhunter.

Lourdes: Perfect, thank you so much, and you have a wonderful day!

Sarah: Thank you so much!

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